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Impact BBDO and ACDelco tap into regional storytelling with Hatoola ACDelco campaign

Impact BBDO and ACDelco collaboration educated new audiences on maintenance through involvement of Arab talent including Al9ine, Leesa, Sons of Yousuf, and others, as well as renowned influencer Bin Baz.

ACDelco, a supplier of aftermarket parts and products, is set on a mission to take over the local/regional scene by utilizing cultural insights and becoming more relevant and contextual. The strategy was to story-tell the brand’s evolved presence and transform its products that would otherwise be seen as monotonous, to eye-catching and relevant. ACDelco brought on board regional talents as well as Emirati social media phenomenon Bin Baz, to spotlight its “Hatoola ACDelco” campaign. Using Arabic rap as a platform, Hatoola ACDelco, meaning “Get ‘Em”, drew on the combined audiences of the talents involved, to not only reach but educate target audiences on maintaining vehicle quality and extending lifespan.

In efforts to drive awareness towards the products offered to GM and non-GM nameplates alike, “Hatoola ACDelco” directed the attention of audiences across the region, towards the high-quality products and services provided. Through this visual approach, existing and potential customers across the younger generations were actively engaged, using music as a shared passion point. The use of video-based storytelling, stemmed from ACDelco’s aim to embed cultural insights into the unprecedented campaign, which placed customer interest as a core focus. The campaign was purely powered by intensive research into the region’s current cultural insights. In fact, the genius minds behind the campaign meticulously articulated each lyric, scene, car, and artist throughout the campaign, in order to precisely deliver on the brand’s messaging and campaign objectives.

Veering away from the norm, the resulting video content follows Bin Baz and the artists through a car market (“The Haraj”), where the call to incorporate ACDelco products is made clear, as the talents experience first-hand the need for renewed engine oil, filters, batteries, windshield wipers and spark plugs. The video does so by showcasing Bin Bas as an aware customer who is approached by various sellers (the rappers) to buy their vehicles. However, Bin Baz questions the value of the vehicle based on how well they’ve been taken care of, and does so by engaging in rap battles with the sellers, and this is where “Hatoola ACDelco” concept comes into play. Further elevating the drive towards awareness are five music videos, featuring regional talents Al9ine, Leesa, Sons of Yousuf, and Saud G & Ahmedo Biggie, each aiming to showcase the durability of ACDelco’s parts. A key highlight of the videos is the involvement of Leesa, who continues to challenge the status quo, and represents the female demographic ACDelco is keen to cater to.

Rohan Fernandes, Director of Customer Care & Aftersales at General Motors Africa & Middle East said, “Through “The Haraj”, we are keen to promote an understanding on how best to maximize a vehicle’s life span and value, irrespective of the nameplate. Our range of excellent products catering to different vehicles make is a point of pride for us, and we wanted to drive awareness toward this offering in new market segments through the campaign. By bringing on board popular talents from across the region, we hope to educate a wider audience, in an exciting and engaging way.”


Brand: ACDelco

Client lead: Rola Daher

Creative Agency: Impact BBDO

Account Director: Toufic Ahmad

Creative Directors: Sara Berro & Rani Amayri

Film Director: Sandro Jager

Production House: Film Pudding