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HungerStation and Fananees team up to build emotional connections in Ramadan


The onset of Ramadan saw Saudi Arabia’s first delivery app HungerStation’s brand new mascot teaming up with MBC’s beloved characters, Fananees World.

The collaboration between the two saw the creation of a series of engaging videos featuring HungerStation’s mascot.

The character ventured into the 3D world of Fananees, where he used his superpowers to solve everyday problems faced by the characters.

These challenges, such as getting last-minute groceries, getting delicious food for futoor table gatherings or even finding the perfect gift, mirrored the real-life scenarios that consumers encounter during the festive season.

The character showcased superpowers when solving the problems that echoed HungerStation’s brand attributes, from sonic speed reflecting the speed of delivery to conjuring all types of food and items that reflected the brands’ various offerings on the app.

Mohammed Jifri, CMO of HungerStation, highlighted the importance of the campaign in helping to achieve marketing goals.

He stated, “Our new brand character, has brought us closer to our customers than ever before, leading to fantastic collaborations such as Fananees World.”

“This collaboration allowed us to seamlessly enter a beloved fantasy world, appealing to a wide range of age groups in Saudi Arabia. Through this initiative, we were able to communicate our brand offerings in a fun and relatable manner, leaving a lasting impression on our audience.”

The campaign ran across various platforms such as OOH, TV, Shahid, Social media ( Instagram, X, TikTok) and the platform’s own app (Apple, Google).

Integrating the campaign into the app, Hungerstation visually revamped its app communication and experience to reflect the campaign.

Users could also play an in-app game where they could search for the beloved Fananees characters within the app to win prizes.

Behind the campaign

Earlier this year, HungerStation unveiled a fresh brand identity along with a new mascot, signalling a strategic move to resonate and build meaningful connections with its young target audience.

With this new strategy, HungerStation tapped into the occasion of Ramadan to communicate its values to the Saudi youth, specifically those between the ages of 18 and 35.

“Ramadan is a special occasion filled with warmth and emotions. Our collaboration with MBC Fananees has capitalised on this emotional atmosphere, creating relevant content that evokes feelings of joy and happiness, portraying the significance of the occasion,” shared Ahmad Chatila, the Director of Brand and Communication at HungerStation.

The brand leveraged the Fananees, who are beloved characters associated with Ramadan in Saudi, to communicate their offers in Ramadan.

By tapping into the nostalgia and popularity of Fananees, HungerStation engaged with Saudi youth on an emotional level, delivering content that was not only entertaining but also relatable.

The videos with Fananees also created a strong platform for the new brand character to come to life, showcasing the mascot’s emotional appeal from its reactions, feelings to personality traits.

One of the challenges of the campaign was to translate HungerStation’s mascot from 2D into the 3D world of Fananees. The team successfully animated the mascot without compromising its characteristics and while keeping it recogniseable for consumers.

HungerStation also used this opportunity to highlight the brand’s benefits and services through the mascot’s superpowers.

“It was a great opportunity for us at HungerStation to communicate our brand attributes, introduce our new character, and further connect with our audience,” added Chatila.

The videos positioned the mascot as the main star of the films, allowing it to shine and be recognised as a strong brand symbol for HungerStation.

The results

The videos and the new character were met with positive responses from the audience. Many people raved about the character and its interactions.

The success of the campaign also reflected the success of the partnership between HungerStation and MBC.

“This strategic alliance has truly left its mark across Saudi Arabia for this Ramadan. The success of this partnership is truly an example of smart advertising,” said, Ahmad Haidar, Managing Director – Dentsu KSA.

“I am honored to have been part of orchestrating a comprehensive full fledged campaign alongside Hungerstation and MBC, that deeply resonates with our audience. This partnership showcases the effectiveness of merging imaginative storytelling with strategic alliances to create unforgettable experiences.”

Bassel Ghoussainy, Head of Business Development and Licensing at MBC Group, stated: “This collaboration with HungerStation exemplifies the power of creativity and innovation, seamlessly integrating our Fananees vibrant universe with HungerStation’s’ commitment to exceptional service.

“Together, we’ve not only met consumer demands but also created an immersive experience that resonates with audiences far and wide. This partnership reinforces our dedication to bringing joyful moments to families and creating memorable stories, both during the festive season and beyond,” adds Ghoussainy.

The collaboration showcases the power of creative storytelling and strategic alliances. By integrating brand messaging with beloved characters and cultural moments, HungerStation has created an immersive experience that resonates with consumers and reinforces its position as a leader in the delivery app market.