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Hunger Station depicts a world no one wants to go back to

HungerStation and Wunderman Thompson bring a bleak reminder of how the world looked like before food delivery apps

To celebrate its 10-year anniversary and being the very first food delivery app in Saudi Arabia, HungerStation releases an insightful, light-hearted spot that plays on an unwelcomed nostalgia.

Created by Wunderman Thompson Riyadh, the film is a reminder of how hectic, messy and disastrous the world was before food delivery apps. The advertisement depicts the struggles of food delivery in the pre-internet times- from trying to find a restaurant’s number, to placing an order, and getting the food delivered fresh to your doorstep. The journey used to be full of stress and anxiety triggered by an acute state of hangriness. The end of the film illustrates how HungerStation stepped in, exa

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