Motivate partners with Motion Icon to introduce escalator ads

A new, impactful out of home (OOH) advertising solution powered by innovative technology has launched for the first time in the region.

Motion Icon aims to revolutionise OOH advertising, having developed a unique and globally patented escalator step branding solution. Brands will be able to access previously unavailable retail space to attract, influence, and convert their audience just before the point of purchase.

The technology not only increases safety on escalators, but also improves their otherwise dull appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the property, and provides an elegant solution through which brands are able to reach consumers in a new and exciting way.

Motion Icon will be partnering with Campaign’s parent company, Motivate Media Group, to bring this extensive platform to brands across the UAE and KSA, covering shopping malls, airports, exhibition centres, metro stations and many other high-traffic locations.

Members of the Motivate and Motion Icon management teams celebrate signing the partnership.












Ian Fairservice, managing partner of Motivate Media Group, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Motion Icon to bring this technology to the region. We’re seeing an increase in demand for OOH services in the UAE and KSA and we’re keen to explore this market. The partnership will strengthen our core offering and further defines our footprint in media.”

Brent Bragge, CCO, Motion Icon, said: “This product itself is uniquely elegant in reimagining a piece of machinery we all know and somewhat take for granted, transforming it into an eye-catching marketing platform. Its simplicity is the source of its impact. This is as much a story about rebirth as it is about advertising. The partnership with Motivate Media Group is a huge opportunity for Motion Icon. Motivate brings unrivalled experience and credibility to the product, and their reach throughout the region ensures that brands are able to roll out impactful campaigns with a singular efficiency.”

Christopher Trimble, COO, Motion Icon, said: “We are revolutionising the OOH advertising industry, having pioneered the development of our globally-patented ‘Escalator Step Branding Technology’.”