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How BIGO Ads enable brands to reach out and succeed in the Middle East

BIGO Ads, a global mobile marketing platform empowered by BIGO, focuses on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), South Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe. BIGO Ads is primarily a premium traffic aggregator with popular social networking and short video products. In the Middle East region, the user base is extensive, with more than 80 per cent of high-potential users between the ages of 25 to 35, it has been listed on data.ai many times. Furthermore, according to the 2021 data.ai social ranking, the product is listed as one of the foremost traffic aggregators in Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Oman as well as other countries across the MENA region.

BIGO Ads provides branding and performance solutions for advertisers to better connect with brands and fulfil their marketing objectives.

For branding needs, BIGO Ads offers a variety of ad solutions, that includes standard ads and content marketing. Direct buying and programmatic cooperation models are both supported with standard ads and brands can choose flexible ways to cooperate. In addition, BIGO Ads can help generate brand resonance in a more native and story-telling manner with branded effects, Hashtag Challenges and relevant resources on Likee.

For performance advertising, BIGO Ads established the self-serve DSP platform, which provides a cost-effective as well as precise ad promotion for both website and app advertisers. BIGO DSP can assist brands to achieve their business goals, including app installation, app retargeting, and web promotion all of which can satisfy multiple objectives of advertisers. With flexible bidding methods (CPC & oCPC) and precise targeting ability, BIGO Ads can enable brands to acquire new users who have an interest in their products.

In terms of experience, BIGO Ads has supported brands from a variety of sectors for several years. In fact, it partnered with some leading companies from industries that include but are not limited to social networking, e-commerce, telecom, automotive, finance and more.

A good example would be a collaboration that has been taking place since 2021 between BIGO Ads and a social application that integrates live broadcasting and video calling that focuses on countries and regions such as Europe, America and the Middle East with high ARPU. In the Middle East, the traffic of BIGO Ads is dominated by young men who prefer products with live broadcast and video chat capabilities. With the help of BIGO Ads’ AEO function (In-app event optimisation), the application manages to grow its users by over 40 per cent and achieve a Pay Users Rate of 25 per cent while maintaining the same growth volume and cost. In addition, during the launch period, the seven-day ROAS also met all expectations related to the client’s KPI, demonstrating that BIGO Ads serves as a new user growth medium that is both credible and reliable.

Miley Hong, Director of Sales and Partnerships, BIGO Ads, MENA, said: “We are happy with what we have achieved with brands advertising in the MENA region and we will continue to scale up and unlock its true potential. The social products under BIGO Ads have a high market penetration rate in the Middle East, which gives us confidence in cooperating with local brands. We look forward to connecting with more brands to promote rapid business growth now and in the years to come.”

“BIGO Ads is a growing platform,” said Shweta Singh, Regional Director, BIGO Ads, MENA. “Through branding and performance solutions in BIGO Ads, we aim to help brands connect with potential consumers and provide more opportunities for brands to engage with their potential customers in a more engaging and meaningful manner in the MENA region.”

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