Pizza Hut’s tips for brands diving into gaming

Pizza Hut Middle East has embraced gaming as a platform to create genuine connections with its audience

In the dynamic landscape of today’s digital world, one realm stands out for its meteoric rise and boundless potential: gaming.

As the Middle East’s gaming community grows, drawing in millions of players from all walks of life, Pizza Hut has been keenly observing and actively participating in this revolution, connecting with audiences in ways that are both meaningful and delightful.

Our journey into the gaming universe is a tale of innovation, engagement, and fun, perfectly embodying our brand’s spirited language.


Gaming is not just an entertainment medium; it’s a vibrant culture and a growing market ripe with opportunities for brands willing to dive into its depths.

Today, influencers are the new celebrities, wielding significant influence over vast communities. These communities are not just playing games; they’re engaging in social interactions, following storylines, and experiencing brand integrations in environments that command their full attention.

For brands looking to tap into this dynamic space, authenticity is key. Gamers can spot insincerity from a mile away. Pizza Hut understands this. Our approach has been to engage with the gaming community in a manner that resonates with the core values of gaming culture: authenticity, passion and fun.

This involves creating real connections through social media authenticity, employing influencer collaborations that speak in the audience’s language, and delivering content that gamers can relate to and appreciate.

Beverley D’Cruz, General Manager, Pizza Hut- Middle East & Pakistan



At Pizza Hut Middle East, we’ve embraced gaming not just as a marketing channel, but as a platform for genuine connection with our audience. Our initiatives have included hosting online esports competitions with popular game titles and bringing communities together to celebrate both gaming and pizza.

Through these events, we’ve fostered a sense of camaraderie and competition, integrating our brand into the fabric of gaming culture.

We’ve also explored merch collabs with popular gaming brands, creating unique accessories that fans of both worlds can enjoy. This strategy not only strengthens our bond with the gaming community but also allows us to be a part of their everyday lives.

Integrating our product launches and marketing calendar with the gaming calendar has allowed us to sync our efforts with major gaming events, social media, and esports competitions. By doing so, we ensure that our promotions are timely and relevant, offering special deals and themed products that coincide with the latest game releases or esports tournaments.

One innovative avenue we’ve explored is the creation of “The Hut” on Roblox, which integrates the Pizza Hut brand in a fun, unobtrusive way.

Imagine navigating a world to make our popular and delicious pizza on time, or climbing up the world to unlock exciting in-game Pizza Hut merch with each level designed to mimic the real-life excitement (and sometimes, the chaos) of a Pizza Hut kitchen.

These experiences aren’t just advertisements; they’re extensions of our brand’s story, told in a language that gamers understand and appreciate.

Aya Laimoun, Assistant Digital Manager, Pizza Hut- Middle East & Pakistan


Know your audience: Understand the demographics and preferences of the gaming community you wish to engage with. Not all gamers are the same, and a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it.

Engage authentically: Work with influencers and content creators who genuinely love your brand or product. Their authentic enthusiasm will be infectious among their followers.

Innovate creatively: Think outside the box for brand integrations. Gamers appreciate creativity, so the more innovative your approach, the more it will resonate.

Respect the platform: Whether it›s Twitch, YouTube Gaming, or any other platform, understand its culture and norms. Tailor your content and campaigns to fit the platforms unique environment.

As we look to the future, the intersection of gaming and brand marketing holds untold potential. The continued evolution of technology, including AR and VR, offers unprecedented opportunities for immersive brand experiences. Pizza Hut is excited to explore these frontiers, always with a slice of fun and a topping of innovation.

Moreover, the advent of social gaming and esports has transformed gaming into a spectator sport, opening new avenues for brand collaborations and sponsorships.


At Pizza Hut Middle East, our goal is to create moments of joy and connection, bridging the world of gaming with the universal love for pizza.

Through authentic engagement, innovative collaborations, and a deep respect for the culture of gaming, we’re not just reaching out to gamers; we’re inviting them to share a slice of the fun with us.

By Beverley D’Cruz and Aya Laimoun, Pizza Hut Middle East and Pakistan