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Great minds think alike

Here’s a curious case of ‘Great minds think alike’. Above is T-Mobile’s ‘Welcome Back’ video, which was shot at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 on 27 October last year.

Below is Beirut Duty Free’s ‘Take Back More’, which was filmed at Rafic Hariri International Airport on 5 March this year.

Quality differences aside, the T-Mobile video is the work of Saatchi & Saatchi London, while the Beirut video was shot by M&C Saatchi – two agencies that have a bit of history, particularly in the Middle East.


  • given that flash mobs are already out of fashion.. i think that could well be the first flash mob in the middle east .. but i might be wrong..

  • Brilliant idea, but is doesn’t look to me like “Great Minds think alike”, it rather looks like pure Copy-Paste

  • I agree with tifa that this could be the first flash mob in the Middle East but I agree more with Hosam that it is not the first copycat or copy-past from the Middle East.

  • COME ON!! T-Mobile was a breakthrough in the history of communications, how is it possible that M&C Beirut never heard of it!!

    This has nothing to do with great minds thinking alike but rather a copycat.. what a lame excuse!

    M&C: you should’ve remained silent rather than allowing such a lame excuse to nail you, it’s so obvious!

  • Flash mobs have been done in the ME so many times – Brag Seems to do one every other day…..

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