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Industry View: What podcast are you listening to?

A different take on our usual Industry Forum section, we asked what are industry professionals being inspired by when they’re not working.

And this month we asked them what their favourite podcast is.

Here’s what they are listening to:

Hanting Zhu
Associate Director, Gaming & eSports, Publicis Groupe ME

Game Scoop! By IGN

As the gaming and e-sports lead for Publicis Groupe MENA, I’m lucky to be able to combine my personal passion as a gamer and marketing as a profession. Game Scoop! helps me to stay in touch with what’s happening in gaming, but also its content is close to internet culture and super entertaining as well (gaming is entertainment after all). I find inspiration from different content topics from the podcast and other gaming content I follow, and it helps tremendously to think outside of the box for my personal life as well as work.

Christopher Ghorayeb
Creative Director, TBWA\RAAD

Marketing Over Coffee

Out of the many creative-led podcasts, I always tend to circle back to Marketing Over Coffee,

a podcast that stands out among the rest due to its conversational format. It offers diverse topics and deep dives into the latest trends and real-world examples that one can use in their marketing campaign. In a way, the podcast covers rare topics that are hard to come across on the internet. Just like going to a store early in the morning to get the freshest produce. So, an ideal morning for me is drinking my favourite espresso while praying for traffic.

Tamara Habib
Chief Operating Officer, Netizency

How I Built This

As a self-proclaimed podcast fiend, I’m always on the lookout for the next podcast that’s going to keep me engaged and entertained. One of my favourite podcasts is How I Built This with Guy Raz, where he interviews entrepreneurs from various industries, and digs deep into how they got their start, what challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve had to pivot in times of need. Whether you’re in the entrepreneurial realm or not, there’s many a lesson to be learned about how building a mindset that revolves around grit, adaptability, innovation, and creativity will keep you going in the face of adversity. As a digital marketer, it serves as an inspiration when it comes to the importance of brand storytelling, authenticity and transparency with customers, and how crucial it is to build communities and engage your audiences.

When I want something more comforting and relaxing, I’ll go for a nice true crime podcast. Casefile True Crime is one that I recommend because of the stellar storytelling and meticulously researched cases. It’s not for the faint of heart though so consider yourself warned. 

Munther Al-Sheyyab
Business Development Director, Horizon FCB Dubai

All In Podcast 

Let me tell you about the All In Podcast, a personal favourite of mine. This engaging show delves into crucial global topics, introduces me to breakthrough technologies and keeps me well-informed about the ever-changing world of finance. While it does lean towards American subjects, it’s hard to blame them; after all, America is the epicentre of innovation. This podcast offers a refreshing alternative to mainstream media, with the hosts’ canny ability to challenge each other’s opinions setting it apart. It keeps me up to date with what truly matters but in a non-boring way.

Darshan Jairaj
Integrated Planning Manager, UM UAE

99% Invisible

The podcast details how so many design elements go unnoticed, despite these being around us every day in use and in plain view. It talks about design, architecture and creativity with everything from the history of the traffic light to the science of sound. It’s entertaining, informative and always provokes me to look at things from a different perspective. The host, Roman Mars, has a great way of making complicated topics easy to understand. Also, vs. other podcasts, the production is much more serious, which adds to the impactful storytelling.

Yogesh Kothari
Business Head, PivotConsult

Data Incubator Podcast

I am currently listening to the Data Incubator Podcast, and it has quickly become my favourite for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it keeps up to date with data science trends, helping in staying ahead of the curve. Secondly, it features a diverse range of guests, including experts and industry leaders, providing an excellent opportunity to learn from the finest in the field. Finally, the podcast’s emphasis on real-world applications is compelling, demonstrating the beneficial and practical influence of data science and analytics.

Sawsan Salameh
Creative Director, Tuesday Communications

Podcast X
As a relatively new listener to podcasts, my preferences tend to shift depending on my mood and the topics covered in each episode. Generally, I find myself drawn to Arabic-language podcasts. Among them, Podcast X stands out for its intellectual exploration of social, cultural, human, and scientific subjects. The Assared podcast takes listeners on captivating journeys through contemporary authors and narratives worldwide. The Harrer podcast compels critical analysis of consumed media content. In the realm of English podcasts, I find Huberman Lab engaging as it discusses science and scientific tools for everyday life in an interesting and accessible manner. These podcasts have enriched my listening experience, providing diverse perspectives and insights.

Samir Shanbhag
Brand Partner, Rain

The WARC Podcast

If I must pick a podcast connected to our business, my favourite podcast would be, without a doubt, The WARC Podcast. It is a fabulous resource you can tap into whenever you want a refresher on any topic. Recently, The WARC Podcast did a seven-episode series, Planning for Effective Outcomes, discussing various topics such as the importance of getting the creative brief right, the debate on performance vs brand and managing relationships with the creative team to name a few. The series had speakers such as Mark Ritson and Julian Cole, which was pure gold. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who is in love with our business.

Sula AlKhedry
Programmatic Manager, Assembly Global 

How Leaders Lead

I find tremendous value in listening to leadership podcasts, and one podcast that particularly resonates with me is How Leaders Lead. This podcast offers a wealth of insights from seasoned leaders whose experience I can benefit from, all while going about my daily routine. Tuning in allows me to enhance my leadership skills, gain fresh perspectives, and learn effective strategies for success. The interviews with accomplished individuals and inspiring stories provide me with valuable lessons. I appreciate the diverse topics covered, which keep me engaged and motivated. The practical advice and actionable tips shared on the podcast are beneficial to all leaders, no matter the field. 

Hilmarie Hutchison
CEO, Matrix PR

TED Talks Daily Podcasts

They are usually short episodes that you can get through in less than 15 minutes. The topics are varied, often address trending issues, and are presented by experts in their field. The diversity of perspectives presented gives me an opportunity to hear opinions and thinking that might be different from my own. Some of the talks are so inspiring and motivating that I have often been moved to make changes in my own thinking or way of life. All-round, a brilliant podcast to listen to. 


Josie Delfin
Head of Hospitality, Comco MEA 

A Bit of Optimism

My go-to podcast for a delightful dose of inspiration and wit. Hosted by the brilliant Simon Sinek, this show is a masterclass in infusing positivity into every conversation. I listen to this in the car, especially when my mood is off or I’m a little nervous on my way to a pitch. It’s like a shot of espresso for my mind, leaving me energised and ready to conquer the day. Simon’s podcast provides a refreshing perspective embracing the beauty of our imperfections and shows us how to leverage them to our advantage. The show cleverly illustrates that a person’s quirks, setbacks, and vulnerabilities can be transformed into stepping-stones on the path to greatness.

Chirag Khushalani
Creative Strategist at AKQA

Business Wars

This one’s for all the business and history buffs. From Gucci vs Louis Vuitton, Marvel vs. DC, to more recently Elon vs Twitter, the Business Wars podcast gives you a dramatised insight into some of the most intense rivalries that have shaped industries and our lives.

Characterised voiceovers of famous leaders, inventors and executives take every listener deeper into what goes on inside the boardrooms and minds of these change-makers. My favourite episodes are the ones about Airbnb vs. NYC.  filled with lessons on creating agile business strategies as Airbnb, in its start-up days took on the city’s government and overturned policies that could’ve become its very reason to not exist. A true David vs. Goliath.