Gillette taps into the gaming community with global campaign

Gillette has launched a new global campaign, ‘Hit Reset with Gillette,’ to tap into the gaming community.

It aims to encourage gamers to use its personal care products to shave up after a night of gaming.

Gillette seeks to help consumers look and feel their best through the campaign.

The move could help the brand resonate with the growing number of consumers who enjoy video games while also connecting it to a global esports market expected to reach a revenue of $3.8 billion this year.

As part of the official launch of the campaign, the brand will also partner with global gaming event, The Esports Awards, to feature pre-show content such as ‘Reset with Gillette’, GilletteLabs product integrations, and sharing sessions by Gillette Gaming Alliance members.

The effort is an expansion of the long-running Gillette Gaming Alliance, a roster of top gaming streamers, to now include a global community encompassing passive viewership and active participation.

The alliance will host branded streams and create localised content across Twitch, YouTube and social media.

The members will showcase their personal ‘reset routines’ while highlighting Gillette and offering educational content around grooming.

Consumers will have opportunities to engage through user-generated content, social media and at several gaming events.

Gaming has often been a focus of Gillette’s marketing. Ahead of the brand’s latest campaign, it teamed with gamer lifestyle brand Razer to create the GilletteLabs Razer Limited Edition shaving set, which includes several features nodding to Razer, including its triple-headed snake logo.

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of its Gaming Alliance last year, the brand rolled out an expanded Fortnite experience.

Playing in the space could help the brand form more authentic connections, especially with younger audience.