FP7 and Flip Media scoop Sony Ericsson brief

Following a six-week pitch process, Sony Ericsson has appointed two agencies to handle its creative and digital business.

FP7/DXB will handle the mobile giant’s creative brief, while Sony Ericsson has awarded its digital business to Flip Media. Six agencies were shortlisted for its integrated account before a decision was made, but it is not known which other agencies were involved. The incumbent agency, Dubai-based independent 911, will continue to work with the firm in some limited capacity going forward.

Sony Ericsson has already begun to provisionally work with both FP7/DXB and Flip Media, with a public statement announcing the appointments to be made once contractual formalities are finalised.

Spyros Gousetis, head of marketing for Sony Ericsson in the region, was in charge of the pitch process. He said he had called the review in order to get a better picture of the agencies operating in the region.

“I looked at the need that we have as a company and I tried to home in on some agencies that I thought could be of value to us. On what I saw, even though all the agencies presented themselves extremely well, in the end, based on a certain criteria which was set out at the very beginning, I chose FP7 to be our creative agency for the region. Again, for digital, Flip met all the criteria that we set out,” said Gousetis.

Sony Ericsson is a 50:50 joint venture between Sony Corporation and Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson.