Fostering a deeper connection with long-form content

Image Credit: Create Group

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, short-form content often captures the audience’s attention with catchy videos, snappy tweets, and captivating images, aiming to engage them within seconds. 

However, as the digital landscape evolves, it is increasingly crucial to recognise the value of long-form content in cultivating a deep and meaningful connection with a brand’s audience.

Growth potential of long-form content

Long-form content allows brands to immerse their audiences in a rich narrative experience, fostering a genuine emotional connection. Through long-form content, brands can convey their values and unique stories, and position themselves as thought leaders and industry authorities.

According to recent studies, brands that incorporate long-form content into their digital strategies have witnessed remarkable audience growth and engagement. 

For example, research by HubSpot shows that blog posts with over 3,000 words receive three times more traffic and four times more shares than shorter posts.

A study by Demand Metric found that 60 per cent of consumers are more likely to engage with brands that offer custom content, such as in-depth articles, white papers, or documentaries.

Active mindset of long-form content consumers

When consuming long-form content, whether it is video, written articles, or audio-based experiences, viewers adopt an active mindset. 

Unlike short-form content that often demands quick and passive consumption, long-form content requires active engagement and a higher level of attention from the audience. This active mindset allows viewers to delve into the brand’s world, explore its values, and develop a deeper understanding of its offerings.

Contrasting short-form content: a shallow connection

Short-form content, while effective in grabbing attention, often fails to provide the necessary depth for a meaningful brand-audience connection. In the passive state of mind induced by short-form content consumption, viewers tend to be more focused on immediate entertainment, scrolling through various posts without fully engaging with the brand’s message or story. 

Consequently, the connection established through short-form content remains superficial, leaving the audience craving a more profound and lasting relationship.

The role of both content types in organic growth strategies

To establish a robust organic growth strategy, it is essential to strike a balance between short and long-form content. While short-form content serves as an entry point, attracting audiences with its brevity and quick appeal, long-form content adds the necessary depth for a meaningful connection. 

By creating comprehensive and immersive experiences, brands can nurture their audience’s curiosity, establish trust, and inspire them to actively participate in the brand’s journey. Combining both types of content in a holistic strategy enables brands to captivate and retain a diverse range of audience members, driving organic growth.

The world of content is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging for brands to keep up. However, you don’t have to face this challenge alone. Investing in the right talent for your in-house team can help you create content that resonates with your audience and inspire them to invest in your brand.

Alternatively, you can partner with agencies that specialise in content marketing to guide your strategy and make a meaningful impact with your target audience.

By Dia Hassan, Managing Partner at Create Production and Chief Creative Officer for Create Group