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AUD spreads sticker love on the campus


Creative 9 agency created stickers for The American University in Dubai (AUD) students of all the things the students love about AUD.

The idea was created through the concept of the ability to personalise stickers to make them represent something people love and the stickers’ ability to turn every object into a personal work of art.

The stickers were created, in collaboration with local business Waggish, as brand-stickers that would resonate with the student community and foster a sense of belonging to the university. The stickers campaign was a part of the University’s Valentine’s day initiative.

The stickers featured various people or animals present around the campus, including a sticker of Jack the Cat, its resident ginger and a sticker of the university mini mart owner, Uni mart legend.









They also created stickers featuring snacks around the campus as well as the AUD logo.

Quirky stickers with relatable themes for students were designed.  From making points about Karak and AUD on the brain to handle with care and fragile stickers for their notes to warnings signs for people about the sticker owner doing their best. Some stickers even referenced memes in the form of tweets, which were altered to insert in AUD.

Other emotional memories and landmarks were designed into stickers that were distributed around campus, including on bulletin boards, laptops, and high-visibility areas.

The brand-stickers collaboration was received a positive response which led to a  high demand from students who wanted more of the limited stickers.

Due to the large demand, The Creative 9 decided to launch a second collaborative campaign.

The second campaign drew a focus to the university’s alumni.

Created for the graduates of AUD, the second batch of stickers were created as a part of a special Alumni edition.

Both campaigns were created to generate curiosity, excitement and a sense of unity among the student body while shedding the light on a small local business.