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FNP carries out T20 world cup campaign

FNP, an Asian gifting firm, with operations in India, Singapore and the GCC did its first ever broadcast campaign in the UAE by picking unique media properties on the OTT (Over The Top) broadcast of the tournament. In the campaign, FNP.ae unleashed its creative attack through more than 50 different L-shaped ads; each ad was precisely custom-designed for specific games between particular teams and for specific stages of each game.

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The strategy paid off, with the firm seeing not just a fan base take shape for its ads, but also a 36 per cent rise in brand traffic driven to its website FNP.ae – accompanied by a corresponding rise in conversions and online transactions.

When Stokes took a wicket out went the FNP.ae ad that read – Gifts that will leave them Stokesed or when Rohit Sharma hit a 6, the L band said Sharma mat, order kar! ( Don’t hesitate, just order)

The New Zealand games saw ads saying Delivering apples, grapes and oranges to Kiwis while the Australia – England game featured ads saying Rise from the Ashes and How to bowl a maiden over. The India – Pakistan match saw ads saying Faster than Naseem, more impactful than Hardik and Ab kaun kisko khilayega. ( Who will feed whom)

Sharma and Stokes apart, the campaign also featured other players’ names used creatively – including Lungi or Pant, no dress code needed for cake for the India – South Africa game and From Jordan to Bhuvaneshwar, our cakes are a hit for the semi-final between England and India.

Then there were ads for special occasions that coincided with the tournament, like Diwali, Halloween, 11:11 and Singles Day. Don’t be spooked by our delivery speed, and Stealing a single could win you the match which were intelligent, timely and appealed to the audience.


Creative and Media agency: Pinstorm