Lightblue strengthens digital offering with tech department

Lightblue is bolstering its digital offerings with a newly-formed specialist Tech team, to support clients with strategy and execution in the digital space which the latest step in their vision of becoming a Web3-empowered creative experience agency in the region. The agency will offer consultation and strategy building to help brands shift from Web2 to Web3, and aim to capitalise on the  opportunities that Web3 has to offer.

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Mirko Maccarrone, director of Web3 Technology and Iqra Bukhari, senior digital strategist have joined Lightblue to lead the agency through a shift in digital culture and behaviour. They will head the team dedicated to helping clients understand the infinite digital possibilities at the intersection between the digital and the physical world – with solutions including Web3 strategic consulting, NFT and Metaverse creation and execution.

Lightblue’s believes that Digital is the single biggest growth opportunity there is, and view it is as a necessity, and not a nice-to-have. “Any company that doesn’t, won’t last in the next few years,” said Maccarrone, who is ex-Huawei, Saatchi and Bulgari. “Think of those that were skeptical about the internet – they’re not around. Or those that didn’t adapt to the changes of the web and technology over the past decade – Yahoo, MSN, AOL, My Space. It’s important to adapt and evolve with culture and technology,” he added.

According to Lightblue,  It means clients should be approaching their business objectives with Web3 solutions in mind. “Clients are adopting Web3 in many different ways depending on their industry and objectives. Some are adopting blockchain technologies, some are releasing NFTs, some are integrating with metaverse platforms and some are creating gamified experiences,” said Maccarrone.

Web3 is the umbrella term for the next generation of the internet. Web1 was one-way communication, with static pages to be read rather than interacted with; then Web2 saw the arrival of two-way communication and social media. The Web3 era brings a decentralisation of information, with a power shift back to the user.