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Finyal Media launches Finyal+ on new Apple Podcasts subscriptions platform

Finyal Media, a regional podcast network that focuses on storytelling podcasts across MENA, has created an exclusive subscription service, Finyal+. Launching on the brand new Apple Podcast Subscriptions platform which was available globally as of 15th June, Finyal+ offers subscribers early access to an entire library of Finyal Media podcasts completely ad-free and uninterrupted, as well as exclusive content for subscribers’ ears only, for a subscription fee of just $2.99 per month or $26.99 per year.

The new Finyal+ service will allow for an ad-free listening experience so every podcast episode can be listened to in full without any interruptions. The service will also provide new episodes of seasons upfront so listeners can binge full seasons of their favourite podcast shows without having to wait for new episodes to launch. As well as ad-free and uninterrupted listening, subscribers will also have access to exclusive content just for them. Throughout the year, Finyal+ will be creating brand new shows for subscribers that can’t be found on any other platform.

The catalogue of shows currently includes seven of Finyal Media’s most popular programmes. Subscribers can expect a library of first-class shows including 1001 Nights, Juha, Sindbad, The Basement, Alsilah, The 40 Thieves, Ismi, as well as a host of new shows which will come soon to the channel including the new sci-fi series The Code.

Leila Hamadeh, co-founder and CEO of Finyal Media, said: “We’re delighted to launch the new Finyal+ channel with Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and look forward to our podcast fans having the opportunity to enhance their listening experience with us. We know our listeners love to binge our shows and we continue to receive messages from fans asking when the next episode is coming out. With that in mind, we decided to create Finyal+ to give our listeners the opportunity to gain early access to a full season of content in one go, so that they can listen at their leisure, early and uninterrupted. Rather than taking away any of our content from existing platforms, we want to give our listeners the choice as to what kind of listening experience they want from their podcasts.”