ExhibitV announced dates for Beauty Universe 2021

With global travel restrictions still in place, first virtual exhibition and buyer-seller event for the beauty sector.

ExhibitV, a Dubai-based 3D and virtual event platform, has announced the dates for the first virtual buyer-seller event for the beauty sector: Beauty Universe 2021, scheduled for 8-10 February 2021.

Beauty Universe 2021 will leverage ExhibitV’s unique 3D and Virtual Reality to bring buyers and sellers across various sectors of the global beauty industry that is currently valued at approximately $500 billion but is expected to see a decline of 20 to 30 per cent globally by the end of the year because of the pandemic. The virtual event will offer a highly effective and interactive virtual forum to allow both buyers and sellers to participate, explore, resource, connect and network globally, providing the beauty sector greater visibility, qualified leads and international reach.

Beauty Universe will focus on cosmetics and skincare products; beauty equipment; haircare, nail essentials, foot care and salon supplies; labels and packaging; natural and organic products and men’s grooming products.

Scheduled over 3 days from 8-10 February, Beauty Universe 2021 is expecting to connect some 100 vendors with 3-4000 qualified buyers. Each exhibitor/vendor will be provided with a live dashboard that will provide them with the opportunity to manage their own visitor engagement, set up video conferencing for live chat and 1-1 meetings.

Susmit Dey, co-founder of ExhibitV said, “We expect exhibitors from China, India, Europe and the Middle East to showcase their products on 3D stands with virtual assistants and chatbots to help increase interaction, branding and visibility, globally. The virtual event can be accessed by anyone, anywhere on any platform. We want it to be authentic, creative and provide ROI for our exhibitors. Beauty Universe 2021 will allow vendors to introduce buyers to new products more flexibly and cost-effectively, build interaction with a virtual community around the beauty business.”

ExhibitV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visual Lab, provides the platform that offers the full experience of an event including 360-degree views compatible with all types of head-mounted devices, personalised stands with branding, product information, demo tools and an AI chatbot to manage and interact with visitors.

In addition to the visual stands, lobby and entrance with its branding opportunities, the platform can be plugged into any site and stream conferences from the likes of Zoom et al into the platform for live sessions.