Campaign Online Briefing – The Comms Survival Guide

  • When:26/10/2020 2:00 pm
  • Where:Online

Whether you are a small business handling your own communications or a massive corporation redefining your PR strategy, you will learn something from Campaign’s next webinar.

Campaign’s editor is joined by three PR professionals – Cicero & Bernay’s Tariq Al Sharabi will bring a big-agency perspective, while Shadani Conslulting’s Zaib Shadani will represent boutique agencies and Schneider Electric’s Alex Malouf offer’s a client’s point of view. The panel will debate the challenges of communications in a post-Covid world.

Lockdown has come and gone; cases have dropped then risen. Despite the talk of a ‘new normal’, nothing stays the same long enough to be normalised. Just like the rest of us, brands are having to change their plans day-by-day. Those changes need to be communicated. They need to be explained clearly to the right people at the right time, using the right channels. Public relations and corporate communications have never been so important.

Every brand and corporation is walking a tightrope, balanced between optimism and caution, between empathy and enthusiasm. And the variables can change at any time. You may have to shift from an ‘open for business’ message to an ‘isolated incident’ one, then to ‘safety is our priority’ and ‘necessary precautions’ within a matter of days.

Being prepared for these shifts and knowing how to plan for them, manage the transitions, loop in the right stakeholders, hit the right tone and reach the right audience isn’t cynical; it is a universal necessity.

As well as offering practical and actionable advice and insights, the webinar will address the new, unique and pressing industry challenges thrown up by the coronavirus pandemic. From tightened budgets to mental health pressures, the conversation will examine how clients and agencies can work within their means and as true partners to leverage and deploy the skills, resources and expertise available in a sustainable, efficient and effective way.

By following the advice of our experts you will be able to communicate the best while being prepared for the worst, and make your communications work for whatever comes your way. Bring your notebooks and bring your questions to join the webinar and join the conversation. We can all learn, and together we can help lift comms to a new level where it will not only survive but thrive.

Campaign Online Briefing: The Comms Survival Guide
Venue: Online
Date: Monday | October 26, 2020 | Time: 02:00pm

The Speakers

Moderator: Austyn Allison | Editor, Campaign ME

Speaker: Tariq Al Sharabi, Managing Director | Cicero & Bernay Public Relations

Zaib Shadani, Managing Director | Shadani Consulting

Alex Malouf, Corporate Communications Director Middle East and Africa | Schneider Electric

Webinar complete video: