Campaign Online Briefing – E-commerce

  • When:18/05/2020 2:00 pm

The coronavirus pandemic has wrought havoc on the world’s economies, devastating entire sectors as people are forced to stay home and self-isolate. Shops, restaurants and other businesses have been shuttered as people are forced to remain indoors.

But some businesses are weathering the storm better than others, particularly those with a strong e-commerce presence. While online shopping across categories has been on the rise for some time now, the Covid-19 lockdown has seen adoption of e-commerce soar.

Campaign will be running a webinar to look at e-commerce across sectors in the region and beyond. Our panellists, experts in e-commerce, will share analysis, data and insight on what the coronavirus has done for e-commerce. They will examine where the market is now and how it will develop – both throughout the course of the pandemic and after it is over.

What are people buying, and which e-commerce categories are in decline? Will consumers be forever converted to shopping online? Do we miss our malls enough to rebel against online shopping in favour of bricks and mortar once we can leave the house? In a damaged economy, which e-commerce categories will continue to prosper? And how can marketers make sure they are leading the charge in online retail?

All these questions and more will be addressed during a free webinar. If your brand relies on e-commerce, make sure you attend to pick up insight and inspiration and learn from best practice. If your brand doesn’t yet have an e-commerce element, join the webinar to find out how you can still serve your customers online.


Moderator: Austyn Allison | Editor, Campaign ME
Speaker: Mathieu Yarak | Digital Research Director, Choueiri Group
Speaker: Nagham Akileh | Senior E-commerce director, OMD
Speaker: Shailen Shukla | Head of Logistics at UAE’s leading retailer

The Agenda

  • What best-practice learnings have come out of e-commerce during the lockdown?
  • How have companies new to e-commerce moved into the space fast? What learnings and pitfalls have there been?
  • What is the outlook for e-commerce after the lockdown? Will consumers have learned new habits, or bounce back to the tactile experience of offline retail?
  • How are brands preparing their e-commerce strategies for a Covid-damaged economy?
  • How have companies already in the e-commerce space upped their game?
  • What has the messaging been around e-commerce? How do brands balance messages of efficiency and cost with ones of safety and reassurance?
  • Where has there been growth in e-commerce, and which brands and services are doing less well?
  • How has e-commerce messaging worked across media? How can it be measured and made more efficient at all stages of the funnel?

Heres the video from the event:

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