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Etihad steps back in time for its latest campaign

Etihad has just launched its latest campaign, celebrating 20 years since its first flight to Beirut.

The campaign has been created as an Arabic-first campaign featuring the first female Emirati captain, Aisha AlMansoori.

The campaign’s hero video steps back in time to show a young Aisha AlMansoori who dreams of flying as she watches birds and sits on her father’s shoulders.

It continues as she watches, together with her family, Etihad, UAE’s national carrier, take its first flight to the skies.

The young version of AlMansoori then tries to take flight by building make-believe wings and falls to the ground before trying again.

As video transitions to the present, AlMansoori is now the first female Emirati captain, and has been flying with the airline since the beginning of her career in 2007.

In a Linkedin post, Global Head of Brand, Creative & Social at Etihad, George Paige, said, “It’s been a long time coming – Etihad’s 20th Anniversary presented us with the perfect opportunity to talk to our home market at a brand level again.

“And there was no better story to hero, than that of the inspirational Captain Aisha AlMansoori, the first female Emirati to reach captaincy.

“We’re immensely proud to be the UAE National Airline and we wanted this to serve as a moment to re-ignite that pride across the UAE with this Arabic-first campaign.

“To build excitement for our continuing journey, as our passionate teams grow our network and fleet once more.”

Celebrating with experiences

Etihad celebrated its 20th anniversary with a light and sound show at the Burj Khalifa which highlighted the airline’s history.

Etihad also prepared a series of special guest experiences to celebrate its 20th milestone throughout November, including a new inflight culinary menu featuring dishes inspired by the airline’s home, the UAE, as well as customised items reflecting the destinations Etihad flies to.

The airline will also launch a retro-inspired amenity range in First and Business class. The range is takes inspiration from the airline’s 2003 livery.


Client: Etihad
Creative: Impact BBDO
Media: Crossmedia UK