ESG 2022: the changing climate – by Asda’a BCW’s Stephen Worsley

Research from Asda’a BCW’s Arab Youth Survey and the agency’s new OnePoint5 advisory shows a groundswell of concern and action among Arab youth, writes Stephen Worsley, senior vice-president, growth and innovation at Asda’a BCW

Imagine having one of the biggest days of your career ruined by two environmental activists shouting slogans and waving a homemade banner.
Such was the fate of Liz Truss, whose maiden speech as British prime minister to the Conservative party conference in Birmingham in October was sabotaged by two members of Greenpeace UK, protesting what they saw as government backsliding on everything from environmental protection to workers’ rights.
In their own way, Ami McCarthy and Rebecca Newsom were emulating the rebelliousness of 19-year-old Swedish activist and global climate icon Greta Thunberg, who famously lambasted the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, aka COP26, as an exercise in ‘blah,

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