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Elevision announces brand re-positioning as it introduces new products and services to its Digital-Out-of-Home business

Elevision is known for its elevator screens and now is positioning with digital-Out-of-Home screens.

In response to the ever-changing media landscape, and the need to always improve its offerings to the market, Elevision is adding a number of new products and services to its Digital-Out-of-Home portfolio. With a focus on programmatic, data analytics and mobile integration – Elevision+, as the new business unit is called, aims to enhance how the company is positioned in this era of digitally-focused OOH media, driven by measurement, consumer insights, flexibility, and ultimately results.

With the launch of Elevision+ and the company’s repositioning of the brand, Elevision has gone through a complete brand refresh. With Elevision’s business being equally focused on providing value and services to its property partners as it is to its advertisers, the company is also launching a completely rebuilt and proprietary tenant communication platform giving property managers a new and sophisticated digital platform to easily create text, image and video content to be displayed across their network of screens with ease and immediacy.

Niall Sallam, CEO Elevision, said “As one of the key pillars in our growth strategy, all of Elevision’s inventory is now available to be purchased programmatically via several DSP’s, and with the addition of our data analytics platform we are now able to provide tools and insights during the campaign planning stages, resulting in even more targeted and contextually relevant buys.”

Sallam continues “Like all Digital-Out-of-Home networks, Elevision reaches real people in real-world physical places, and that’s always been one of the strong value propositions of place-based media. We now have at our disposal new digital tools to plan, execute, and analyze OOH campaigns. Today we are laser-focused on creating real-world digital experiences for our partners, clients and our viewers. In an Out-of-Home industry first, we are launching a purpose-built mobile product that drives offline-to-online (O2O) engagement. Bridging the gap from that which is physical to that which is digital allowing us to directly drive action and m-commerce for our clients, something that in the past was nearly impossible for OOH to do on a consistent basis and at scale. This new mobile product is something we are very excited to share and communicate in more detail in the near future.”

Elevision was launched in 2011, singularly focused on media inside of elevators, and subsequently is what the company has become synonymous with. However today, the company delivers more than that. As the industry evolves, Elevision has kept apace continuing to offer and grow their elevator based media, while also growing their large format indoor and outdoor Dooh networks. Elevision has a prominent network of large format screens located in and around the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

In addition to its 70 elevator screens located in the DIFC, Elevision launched its premium large format network in 2019 with the installation of 36 indoor and outdoor screens throughout the district. Today, Elevision’s entire offering can be purchased programmatically – with the likes of Microsoft already completing their first programmatic purchase with the company.