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Don’t miss precious moments with Bayut’s ‘Your Key to the UAE’ campaign 

Property portal Bayut has launched its brand new ‘Your Key to the UAE’ campaign highlighting how residents can give themselves the gift of time by using their suite of products and services, with a focus on Bayut’s new browsing experience called Search 2.0. The voiceover of Bayut’s latest ad campaign starts with a cryptic message about how much time people spend searching for cars, homes, schools, events and more. It then gradually builds up momentum, highlighting all the moments that people miss when they are searching for various things, from parks to sharks, beaches to peaches and more. 

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The advert urges everyone to take notice of how much time they spend searching for information – precious moments that could instead be spent living a much fuller, happier life. It highlights the solution to limiting all those wasted moments as Bayut’s Search 2.0. Bayut’s brand new browsing experience was unveiled at their landmark B3DXB 2022 event, where it was dubbed as the next generation of property search not just locally, but also globally. 

Bayut Your key to UAE Serviceplan






The warm tones of the creatives reflect the role that Bayut plays in the life of property seekers, as a trusted guide, helping them look for homes close to their two main points of interest. If you are looking for a home close to your kid’s school and your workplace, or even something near your gym to suit your lifestyle, Bayut’s new Search 2.0 will simplify this process. Bayut hired the services of Serviceplan Middle East for the production of this campaign and their creative team used a very raw, realistic strategy to deliver this message through a beautifully executed approach that resonates with most locals and expats living in the UAE. 

Bayut Your key to UAE Serviceplan



Commenting on the concept, the director of marketing at Bayut, Sahar Khan said: “We have all experienced the difficulty of finding a home that’s close to all our needs, whether it’s one location like your workplace or the kids’ school or even the gym, or it’s two points of interest and you want to live close to both the workplace and the gym or school… That’s the reason why our team created Search 2.0, to truly elevate the browsing experience and give our users the convenience they don’t even know they can have from a property portal. With this campaign, using this storytelling approach and presenting a situation that we can all resonate with, we wanted to convey the value proposition of our new search experience, which is unlike anything currently available not just regionally, but also globally.” 

Aashna Gopalkrishnan, senior English copywriter, Serviceplan Middle East, adds, “Our research revealed that people spend almost 9.3 hours every week searching for information – and that’s exactly where Bayut comes in. With its precise and diverse features, Bayut saves home-seekers valuable time, without compromising their wishlist. Our campaign quirkily explores consumers across different categories and lifestyles, and positions Bayut as that friendly (and pet-friendly) neighbourhood advisor you can lean on even when you don’t know anyone in the city.”

The ‘Your Key to the UAE’ campaign was posted across the brand’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube pages. 


Client: Bayut
Agency: Serviceplan Middle East