Digital Industry Snapshot: Inhype’s Jad Gosen

Jad Gosen, agency head, Inhype

There are certain questions we hear more often than others. The most frequent is whether to invest in content creators. Why should a brand manager invest or increase investments in influencer marketing?

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The answer lies in the effectiveness and unique characteristics of content creators themselves. They are the creative and the channel all rolled into one. It also lies in their ability to effectively tap into younger generations; their immunity to ad blindness; their deep engagement with audiences; and their proven ability to help brands sell more.

It’s also important to recognise one very important fact: consumers rarely communicate with brands. They communicate with other humans, and through that communication it is possible to gauge consumer sentiment. As Nielsen has stated, content creators help brands build more personal consumer connections.

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge, how do you create something special? 

The key word is co-creation. The most successful partnerships are those that involve the creators themselves. No one wakes up in the morning wondering what a certain brand is up to. They do wake up in the morning, however, keen to know what their favourite creators have been doing. So, work with them, formulate ideas, create together. After all, it is their content that captures people’s attention.

You’ve also got to banish any belief that working with content creators is a PR exercise. It’s not about taking a product, sending it to an influencer, and ticking some imaginary influencer marketing box. It’s about shifting the focus to media and the creation of meaningful conversations. If you get it right, you’ll maximize your ROI. 

We’re not talking ambiguous metrics such as reach and views here. Deep engagement is what brands should be focusing on. Sure, the vanity metrics of likes and comments are good for guiding consumer sentiment, but what about your saves, shares and UTM data, all of which link back to purchase intent. It’s far easier now to quantify that intent. As more and more people begin their journey on social media on the discovery side of platforms, the importance of this will only increase.

For the best results, you need experts in the field. That’s where InHype comes in. Our role as a next-gen digital creators agency for brands is to help companies maximise the potential of content creators. We do so by helping brands formulate ideas, identifying the right content creators, and using global data tools for analysing and measuring results. It’s how we think, it’s what we do.

This is our field of expertise, and as the success and importance of content creators grows, our focus on transparency, trackability, snackable content, and on maintaining great relationships with content creators will create greater value for our clients.