Creativity: continuing to elevate OOH advertising outcomes

Brands are creating new avenues for captivating audiences, says Arabian Outdoor’s Fawzi Tueni

As the beating and pulsating heart of the dynamic and ever-changing advertising world, creativity has served as the foundational bedrock and most fundamental catalyst for our entire industry since its inception.

More recently, it has also gained accelerated momentum for being the most potent driving force propelling our transformation and sustained advancement into the future.

Today, amid the massive blur and persistent proliferation of digital and online campaigns, one legacy advertising medium remains sharply focused, robustly grounded and practically impossible to ignore. This is where OOH advertising and its uniqueness truly rise above.

Topping-up the medium’s inherent capabilities, let’s take a deep dive into the remarkable affinity between creativity and OOH, to see how brands are leveraging innovation and imagination to create new avenues for captivating audiences in the great outdoors

For as long as any of us can recall, Out of Home advertising has featured as a hovering presence in our everyday lives. From the towering billboards gracing our cities and streets, to the down-to-earth transit ads, posters and interactive installations which effortlessly enable brands to entertain, inform and inspire us, the entire OOH ecosystem has now become an inherent part of our contemporary urban landscape.

Stepping out into the current world, where we are increasingly surrounded by screens and digital distractions, OOH advertising is standing out once again to prove its worth, as a highly resilient and adaptable canvas which advertisers can count on to engage with consumers on the move.

Objectively speaking then, the core challenge for OOH advertising demands that advertisers effectively capture the attention of an increasingly distracted and mobile audience.

This is where creativity is taking centre stage, enabling brands to not only stand out and shine, but to also create memorable and meaningful interactions, all within the limited time and space which they have available.

This is where one of the most notable hallmarks of OOH advertising – its ability to relay compelling brand narratives through imagery – comes into play.


In this heightened era of video supremacy, technology is swiftly changing the face of creative OOH, delivering a more dynamic view that extends far beyond static billboards. With greater avenues to envision and exercise boundless creativity, OOH advertising is enabling brands to instantly convey their message and forge deeper emotional bonds with their consumers.

This is now being achieved through highly immersive and interactive experiences that truly engage and entertain audiences

This virtual yet physically tangible playground of motion and action extends a plethora of new technologies, options and realities to advertisers which are coming together at breakneck speed to ignite their creative flame.

Today, advancements in Augmented Reality are blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds, allowing pedestrians to interact with virtual elements.

OOH advertising is also extending the reach of brands and bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms by employing numerous other creative means, including QR codes, social media integration, and mobile app connectivity, all of which are seamlessly transitioning consumers from the physical world to the digital space to facilitate an enhanced overall brand experience.

Creativity is also enabling advertisers to leverage the context of where their OOH advertising appears, as campaigns are now making the most of location-specific elements to deliver messages that resonates with geographically relevant local audiences.

With a natural tendency to spark conversations and create lasting impressions, the tangible nature of OOH advertising allows brands to engage multiple human senses. From sights to touch, experiential installations are giving life to more opportunities than ever before for direct engagement with products and services.

To size up all these benefits, it would be fair to state that the impact of creativity when it is rightfully infused into OOH is totally quantifiable and measurable.

Innovations in OOH measurement technologies are firstly enabling advertisers to better track the typical media metrics such as reach and frequency. Moreover, they are compelling advertisers to explore how OOH can also play a bigger role to impact middle and lower funnel activities.

A great example of this would be brands looking to bridge the offline and online worlds by converting OOH’s reach into digital transactions.

In a world cluttered with infinite digital distractions and white noise, OOH advertising stands tall as a tangible testament to the enduring virtues of creativity, redefining how we connect with brands under the vast, open skies.

As technology continues to spark greater innovation, the future of OOH advertising promises even more exciting possibilities for those who are willing to explore the limitless horizons which only creativity can bring to light.

By Fawzi Tueni, COO of Arabian Outdoor