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Coca-Cola celebrates the spirit of sharing in Lebanon

Watch the campaign conceptualised by Memac Ogilvy Dubai here.

Coca-Cola has launched a campaign in Lebanon that’s currently on air.

The ad film urges viewers to share a coke, building on the premise that the Lebanese love to share. It captures this spirit of sharing in different scenarios and contexts. Accompanied by a narrative, the film showcases how people in Lebanon love to share their food, their music, their energy, their journeys, and their viewpoints. It urges the audience, who love to share their good times with the ones who make them happy, to share a coke with those very people and let them know how special they are.

The campaign builds on the global ‘Share a Coke

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  • Nice ad. pity the names were not written in arabic.. given we’re an arab nation… or phoenician.. whatever

  • Saw them yesterday in mar mikhael. An old vw coke van and they were printing names on the cans for everyone.

  • hello , how can i share my name in the bottle can you give me the site or the website

    thank you

  • The ad was very good. We want to see more ads in different and more countries in the middle east. Also, would be could to have different languages on the can based on the location. For example, in Lebanon arabic maybe as well as english too. Since the ad was in arabic, so why not have the cans also in the same language. But, overall the advert was good. It targeted different demographics in Lebanon. At least unlike pepsi, i saw more coca-cola adverts in the middle east than its rivals. The only thing i didn’t like about this ad was the story. It didn’t really have anything to do with what a customer would want from a coke. In other words, it didn’t relate much to the product. Good advertisement overall because of it being in Lebanon, but there has to be amendments next time they advertise in the middle east.

  • Hello,
    I would like to know where i can order Coca cola with different names?
    Thank you and looking foreard for your reply

    Abir fawaz

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