Choueiri Group launches “Brand4mance”

Brand4mance is MENA region’s first ever TV attribution performance product.

Global E-commerce / online brands, especially from the travel, food and retail sectors have been setting new benchmarks for audience engagement and performance, by using TV as a mass medium to drive their online traffic and boost transactions.  TV clearly works for online brands with research showing that TV advertising can breathe new life into digital channels, drive web traffic and enhance leads to search, as well as facilitate uplifts in app installation. Today, TV attribution works very efficiently to measure baseline site visits (second by second), track spikes in site visits when TV Ads air and to determine how much of these positive contributions can be credited to TV advertising.

Aligned with the cutting-edge practices of advanced global advertising markets, the focus has now shifted to reiterating TV’s prowess as a potent medium that can effectively deliver on the traditional brand front, as well as the newly valued performance front. TV attribution enables brands to measure the value of TV’s impact on actual sales and therefore demonstrates how TV stands out in driving performance. Current data shows that TV is massively under-credited as a driver of consumer activity.

TV advertising delivers the unrivalled combination of reach, time spent, impact, cost and trust. This is in addition to brands benefitting from heightened levels of active participation, brand awareness and direct response from viewers. In the long term, online brands which have invested in TV attribution, have registered greater awareness, ad recall and increases in future intention to buy, followed by an actual growth in transactions, which can be directly attributed to TV.

The development of a product which could deliver the benefits of TV attribution to regional brands rooted in an E-commerce platform (such as a .com or an app), would requisite a vigorous testing phase, where trials with different clients from various segment categories would have to be held. Brands would also need to realize that the most successful campaigns which utilize TV attribution are founded on the strength of tailor made ads which include effective Calls-to-Action (CTAs).

Within this context, Choueiri Group (The region’s leading media representation Group) recently announced the official launch of “Brand4mance” – The MENA region’s first ever TV attribution performance product. The Brand4mance team is currently being led by Chief Operating Officer Salam Sawaya.