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Case Study: Toyota launches the Land Cruiser 300 with precision marketing powered by DMS’s Zero Party Data


  • To generate greater awareness and consideration for the launch of the new Toyota Land Cruiser in the UAE, across the DMS universe.
  • Employ a precision marketing approach (Communicating with the right users, via the right message/creative).
  • Improve ad recall for the Land Cruiser


  • Difficult market circumstances with economic downturn and automotive industry struggling with production, supply chain (lack of microchips) and transport related issues.
  • Strong competition from other automotive brands playing their cards to increase market share.


DMS created custom audiences for the launch of the new Land Cruiser 300 campaign through an interactive data collection method “Zero Party Audiences”, which makes research addressable at scale and enables user targeting based on their answers. The Brand’s target was segmented into two groups (Personas and Auto Intenders). Through the addressable research, DMS was able to collect data categorized according to precision marketing audiences as well as users with intentions to buy a new car within the required price range/type (SUV) over the next 2 years.

The media strategy was designed to target each set of audiences with custom creatives running across the DMS portfolio split into awareness and consideration phases with a de-duplication data setup.

Key Take Aways:

  • DMS successfully pioneered the first automotive campaign utilizing zero party audiences, proving them to be a good fit for the campaign (displaying higher affinity towards the brand).
  • The Toyota Land Cruiser personas and intenders’ zero party data can now be leveraged across future activations. The insights obtained from the research proved very useful for optimizing the campaign, as well as the creative messages.
  • While the strategy for this specific campaign, did not take into account Footfall attribution measurement, we had recommended this additional step to complement the success which the campaign had already achieved.
  • The solution validated the precision marketing audiences of Toyota Land Cruiser as addressable and scalable.