Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2022 – Rana Hassan, Senior Media Planner, Universal Media

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2022 – Rana Hassan, Senior Media Planner, Universal Media

Age: 25

Oussama Yaghi, Media Director, Universal Media: Rana embodies the key qualities we seek in all media planners, always going the extra mile and striving for better outcomes. Her curiosity always pushes her to develop her knowledge and innovate, making no task or obstacle too difficult for her to accomplish, while her meticulousness and dedication ensure that she constantly delivers against the highest standards.

Career highlights

I am a senior media planner on Reckitt Benckiser at UM. During my three years of media experience, I worked on accounts from different industries such as Richemont, Bayer, Hasbro, Groupe PSA & Reebok. This gave me great exposure which helped me shape the media vision I have today.

I am very passionate about media especially when there is a space to invent and do something outside the box. One thing I learned about media that will always be my motive is to never stick to my comfort zone when it comes to big/creative ideas.

Guiding principles

Stay away from your comfort zone & ego, as they will always be your biggest enemies. You should neither feel too comfortable nor egoistic. Those two feelings could hinder you from exploring the world. You should never feel satisfied enough when it comes to self-development and accomplishments.

Side hustle

Before I got into media, I have always dreamt of being an architect, as I believe that architecture is an art that will always speak out the thoughts and feelings of its creator. Now, I believe that there is no better place to show off my thoughts outside media.

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