Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2022 – Elie Azzam, Senior Sales Executive, Digital Media Services

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2022 – Elie Azzam, Senior Sales Executive, Digital Media Services

Age: 27

Floriane Kawkabani, Associate Director, Digital Media Services: As a natural go-getter, Elie faces challenges with a natural sense of determination and handles any tough situation which you can throw at him. Consistently curious and eager to learn, Elie always manages to find solutions and is never out of touch with the coolest and latest updates to share. Despite having a soft spot for working on luxury brands, he has welcomed the FMCG sector into his portfolio with equal excitement.  His analytical thinking abilities allow him to be on top of his game when it comes to running winnings campaigns and optimization strategies. As a dedicated digital media practitioner, Elie is very passionate about delivering support and excellence to all of his clients and DMS’ partners.

Career highlights

I am Elie Azzam, a Dubai-based digital media professional working at DMS (The Digital Arm of Choueiri Group). My work involves helping brands achieve their marketing objectives by utilizing the power of local content creators.

Looking ahead, I aspire to be exposed to new skills that can be meaningful for me to contribute to the organization I belong to and be a person that can impact the people around me.

People say I am very curious, I say it’s authenticity and thoroughness.


Managed the commercial aspect of an online competition for beauty Vloggers whereby I was responsible to liaise with the publisher on their marketing plan, creating adequate sponsorship opportunities, and the whole strategy that all the sales team need to adopt while going to market and

gave them the support needed during their market visits.

Mentored offline advertising teams within the Choueiri Group and managed their evolution.

Guiding principles

My guiding principles are something that I acquire and improve day by day and tend to focus on being true to myself across all:

– Generosity


-Enjoy the journey whether I am rejected or accepted

– I love to use unconventional ways to find solutions and reach my goals

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