Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2020 – Tamara Amhaz, Media planning executive, BPG Max

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2020 – Tamara Amhaz, Media planning executive, BPG Max

Age: 23

Omar Othman, director – planning, BPG Max: When you find someone with a high sense of responsibility, proactive, motivated and with a great level of ownership, you grab these qualities with both hands. This is our case with Tamara. Despite joining our agency right after her graduation, Tamara has been able to digest the dynamics of the industry and the market at a fast pace, deploying her passion towards consumer psychology to recommend the best to our clients. Tamara was able to position herself as a strong support system to our client servicing team across regional and multinational brands and to show growth in the business.

Career highlights

I graduated from university in Beirut with a degree in media and communication three years ago. I directly joined BPG through their graduate trainee program and started my career in media. I’m still at the first chapter of my career but have so far worked with various well-established clients from a big diversity of industries.

Guiding principles

Be human and treat others as such. At the end of the day, our industry is all about communication and people – we need to remember that all we do is connected to real people. My colleagues embody this culture and belief at BPG Max and it is difficult not to get influenced (not infected).

Dream job

As philanthropic as I might sound, I would love to have a role that actively delivers all brand purpose for social good. Being involved in communication projects that can make a difference beyond a brand.

Side hustle

As a self-proclaimed creative, I like to review restaurants. It allows me to be a critic and articulate what I enjoy to help out the community of fellow foodies, while also working on my writing skills.


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