Campaign’s Faces to Watch: Brand Edition 2022 – Ahmed Osman, senior marketing manager, Property Finder

Campaign’s Faces to Watch: Brand Edition 2022 – Ahmed Osman, senior marketing manager, Property Finder

Age: 28

Nominated by Bertan Budak, digital marketing director: Despite only being with us for three months, Ahmed has over achieved in his role already, helping us drive 8% efficiencies in our media spending and bolstering our performance in Egypt in terms of leads by 13%, something that has shown the growth opportunity available in this core Property Finder market. Additionally, Ahmed has gone above and beyond his responsibilities by driving our investment agenda in brand marketing, helping us improve our brand awareness in the UAE and Egypt by the highest percentage points we’ve achieved to date. He is not a rising star, but an actual one! We couldn’t be more proud of his achievements.


I’m a data-driven marketing professional with experience running performance marketing campaigns for start-ups and established consumer brands including Jumia Group and Namshi. I started my career by participating in Google’s Online Marketing Challenge (Now Google Ad Grants) in 2014. My submission was ranked as a business semi-finalist, globally. Currently, I’m leading the performance marketing efforts at Property Finder, where I’m responsible for overseeing its lead acquisition and managing a team of four digital specialists. Despite being at the company for only 3 months, I’ve already increased its growth in Egypt by 13% and improved media efficiencies by 8%.

Guiding principles

1. Opinions are nice, Data is better

 2. Experiment or die

 3. If you’re not killing 25% of your metrics each year, you are doing something wrong

Side hustle

Over the past couple of years, I’ve developed an interest in the stock market and investing in general. I’m excited by the idea of the growth and fluidity of the stock market, which has taught me to become more brave and bold when it comes to investment decision-making in both my professional and personal life.

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