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Campaign graduates 2016: Karen Abou Jaoude

KAren Abou Jaoude DEntsu AegisDegree: BSc in economics, Northeastern University, Boston

Position: Business development executive, Dentsu Aegis Network

Essentially, business development will not change. I believe the identity of the role will remain the same but my focus will be redirected. Dentsu Aegis’ vision of being 100 per cent digital by 2020 and catering to our clients’ needs with state-of-the-art technology, innovation and services within the digital economy might mean my title changes to ‘digital development executive’.

We are currently developing a full 360-degree scope of services that cater not only to our clients’ current needs, but also to their future needs. As technology develops in the region, not only will new creative outlets for campaigns emerge, but also we will be able to delve deeper into understanding consumers and collecting data to support our media choices. Being able to track and monitor digital spends and more sophisticated data will push our digital movement
even further.

The way I see my role changing is built on this particular element of the agency’s digital focus with more immersive and interactive campaigns and aligning technological developments in other sectors to the media industry. Business development has always been competitive in nature, and with the digital evolution and adaptation in the region, I foresee a period of rapid and exciting change for the industry as agencies compete to stay ahead of the game. On your marks…get set…GO!