Campaign announces Hegarty competition winner

Sir John Hegarty Competition

Last month, Campaign hosted a competition to give away a seat worth £1,500 on Saatchi and Saatchi founder Sir John Hegarty’s Business of Creativity course. The seat was sponsored by London International Awards.  The winner of the competition was Andreas Frangeskides, who is the head of data and analytics at Merkle Middle East.

Andreas Frangeskides Head of Data & Analytics strategy, Merkle ME
Andreas Frangeskides, head of data & analytics strategy, Merkle Middle East

Frangeskides said, “I am utterly delighted to have been chosen by Campaign to attend this prestigious course. Sir John is the last living and true advertising great of our time and to be part of this programme will undoubtedly propel my career to the next level.”

In the Business of Creativity course, Hegarty will aim to unlock the enormous impact creativity can have on a team – covering areas such as mastering the brief, how to nurture and assess an idea, encouraging a creative culture, the art of storytelling and how to overcome the fear of a blank page.

The course will give people the confidence to build their case for creativity, and give them the economic arguments to win over those anti-creatives or pure technologists and efficiency fanatics who see creativity as an add-on rather than central to business.

The format  will comprise of four main components: weekly lectures hosted by Hegarty, a bi-weekly Q&A with him, curated supporting material, and eight inspirational weekly guest speakers. The course has been designed to be relevant for all levels of seniority, and the first cohort launches on September 19.