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Camouflage Productions is now international

After six years of excellence in producing some of the most memorable and astounding work in the region, Camouflage Productions has taken its natural next step.

It is reaching yet another milestone in its international expansion by partnering with Supercluster, a network of production houses comprising of 20 production partners across six continents aligned with core film-making values; stimulated with artistic collaboration and integrity.

With production partners in Canada, Spain, South Africa, Italy, France, Denmark, Belgium, Argentina, Portugal, South Korea, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Poland and Albania, Camouflage Productions is now placed on an international forefront in the film production world.

This opens doors to new opportunities, exposure and horizons to its clientele in today’s global market without any extra costs or financial margins.

This new partnership makes Camouflage Productions the only production house in the MENA and GCC regions connected with different production ambassadors in all the aforementioned regions.

Typically, the family that composes Camouflage Productions celebrated this announcement in a familial fashion, where each team member was recognised for their contribution to the constant growth of the company.

“Every team member is a key player here, every small contribution has been food to our soil that strengthened our roots in the industry,” said Dania Salha Quaglio, Executive Producer and Founder of Camouflage Productions.

“Our affiliation and partnership with Supercluster is a testament to our hard-work and dedication to the craft and industry we’re passionate about, this will only spread our wings to new places we’re yet to discover.”

 With no geographical boundaries, the Supercluster network is constantly conversing about the industry with the vision of executing international projects seamlessly while preserving local strength.

“Being part of the Supercluster network only opens new opportunities and international solutions to our client base and without any additional financial implications,” added Dania.

“What also excites me is the fact that we will be bringing a lot of productions to the UAE, providing opportunities and more work to our filmmaking community in the region”.

The Supercluster partnership consists of different members, who are: Asymetric (Canada), Be Sweet (Spain), Carbon Films (South Africa), Courage (Italy), Glitch Paris (France), Honeytrap (Denmark), Landvogel (Belgium), Mamá Hungara (Argentina), More Maria (Portugal), Mother Media (South Korea), Future Frank (Netherlands), Mr+Positive (Japan), O2 (Brazil), Reel Factory (New Zealand), Saltwater (Germany), Warsaw Production (Poland), Caravan (Albania), Dorsia (Mexico), Metro (Georgia) and Camouflage Productions (UAE).

“This partnership, where we are constantly exchanging and communicating ideas with many internationally acclaimed production houses from all over the world means we can assist each others’ different needs, whether it being production services, locations, directors, talent, post production and any form resources and support.”

Camouflage Productions always believed in the power of collaboration in filmmaking and the importance of fine craftsmanship within the production cycle, to ensure the best possible outcome of every film belonging to any scale.

Camouflage Productions have been involved in the making of countless productions in the UAE market; winning many awards and nominations, and Dania never stops singing the praise of her collaborators.

“We’ve been very lucky and fortunate to win the trust of our clients and collaborators in our market, they will remain to be the backbone of our success, and partnering up with Supercluster is also a testament to their contribution to our journey, and we will invite them along and help us write this new chapter.”

“Camouflage Productions will be celebrating its international expansion in Cannes this year and we invite all our clients to join the Supercluster party to meet our new partners and to simply enjoy themselves. You’ll be hearing from us with more information.”