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Billboards take off letters for a fake ransom note

Asharq Discovery launched a creative campaign to reveal the launch of ‘Dark Minds,’ MENA’s first true crime docuseries about serial killers in the region.

Asharq Discovery aimed to capture the attention of true crime enthusiasts worldwide.

Adopting the appearance and style of a mysterious ransom note, the team coordinated with the owners of the billboards to cut letters from a variety of billboards across Beirut that showcased local, regional and international brands.

These billboards prompted various reactions from the public, including curiosity, speculation and amusement. And it even became a topic of a joke by a leading comic influencer Farid Hobeiche.


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As anticipation and interest increased, Asharq Discovery revealed its new billboard, marking the creation of the largest ransom note ever and unveiling the show’s name: ‘Dark Minds.’

The docuseries explores the stories of serial killers from Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, Lebanon, and Egypt.

It also examine why these killers’ found relief in murder. In season one, it promises to examine some of the most notorious cases that have created fear across the region.

Asharq Discovery also revealed the ransom note across the social media platform X. This reveal post was then reposted by news accounts such as Ajel News 24, Saudi News 50, New M3lomat, KSA 24 and Sabq News.