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Camouflage produces blockbuster series for Etisalat

Camouflage and director Harald Zwart make a series with a blockbuster feel and identity for the new Etisalat "Upgrade Anytime Program".


The moment the Camouflage team saw this concept, they knew the location of the shoot would be an essential part of its success; This series of films was shot in different parts of Spain and in locations that capture the setting of each of the stories in the most cinematic manner. Shot by director Harald Zwart, this campaign brings a blockbuster feel and identity to the new Etisalat “Upgrade Anytime Program”. Along with Harald’s great direction and convincing performances by the actors came the exceptional post-production work, which resulted in the creation of mythical and prehistoric creatures such as Dragons, Krakens and Mammoths amongst others.
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