Brands to benefit from generating leads in a brand safe environment

DMS launches its “Lead Collection Solution”


At a time when regional businesses are increasing their focus on both digital media and performance campaigns, Digital Media Services (DMS), the digital arm of Choueiri Group has launched its all-new “Lead Collection Solution”.

Elaborating on the Solution’s uniqueness, DMS’ Chief Operating Officer Michel Malkoun stated that “With marketing dollars shifting towards lower funnel approaches focused on leads and sales, DMS’ delivery of a highly effective lead generation solution is aligned with Choueiri Group’s and DMS’ commitment to raising the bar for industry standards. While a wide spectrum of tools for lead generation have always existed via social networks and affiliates marketing, most have suffered from an inability to guarantee context and brand safety – a well-known issue faced by marketeers and advertisers worldwide”.

DMS’ portfolio represents the region’s leading premium independent publishers who are constantly evaluating their attention and quality metrics, while ensuring that their platforms are safe for advertisers and users alike.

Since DMS’ Lead Collection Solution was developed in-house via an intensive collaboration between Choueiri Group’s and DMS’ Data, Tech and Creative teams, it enables marketeers with a reduced go-live timeframe and empowers them with endless customization options. The Solution also adheres to data policies with encryption and compliance with GDPR, while benefitting from Choueiri Group’s unrivalled command on the largest pool of data in the region. These elements come together to create a very powerful tools which delivers enhanced performance.

Alex Lopes – DMS’ Data & Audience Director, also commented on the potential of the new Solution and said that ” Developed as a sticky overlay, the product leverages a Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) model, which  allows buyers to pre-plan activations and campaigns with a pre-determined budget. It also guarantees 100% in view and viewability metrics that will not only deliver a lead but will also work equally well to generate awareness if the messaging is right. Moreover, sizing adheres to IAB standards and therefore enables brands to avoid any extra creative development expenses, as agencies and brands can use existing banners. Finally, DMS Studio team is always at hand to create viable solutions should material not be available”.