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Egypt’s Digital Studio and MOH launch Facebook Live show on COVID-19

Egyptians will be able to ask questions and get accurate information from medical professionals live on Facebook

Digital Studio has announced the launch of a new interactive live news show on Facebook, dedicated to raising awareness about facts of the COVID-19 pandemic, while encouraging Egyptians to adopt best practices for prevention and safety. Working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the interactive show will also highlight the most updated fact-based global data and news on COVID-19, to ensure that people in Egypt have access to the right information.

Corona Free” (#من_غير_كورونا) is hosted by Passant El-Husseiny and will air its first episode on Friday, 27 March and is scheduled at 4:30pm pm Cairo Time and 2:30pm GMT. A representative from Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population, along with famed Egyptian actor and comedian Mohamed Henedy will be the first guests on the show.

Egypt’s health ministry spokesman Khaled Megahed, said “The COVID-19 virus has spread around the world and has led to significant levels of misinformation, resulting in panic amongst the public. At the Ministry of Health, we want to ensure that every Egyptian is able to access factual and updated information and learn from medical professionals on the best ways to stay safe during this pandemic. Our collaboration with Digital Studio on Facebook Live for the “Corona Free” (#من_غير_كورونا) show will support our efforts to deliver the right information and prevent the spread of COVID-19, and limit panic amongst citizens. By enabling education and awareness via digital platforms, we want to ensure that we are able to reach every Egyptian and ensure their safety.”

Noura Ebeid, Managing Director at Digital Studio emphasized the need for real time access to the right information, saying, “The situation around COVID-19 is constantly evolving. Through this show, we want to ensure that we are able to put out credible and updated information to every citizen, and limit the spread of misinformation. With the support of the Ministry of Health, we are equipped with the right information, access to experts and health tips that will be shared everyday on the “Corona Free” (#من_غير_كورونا) show through Facebook Live, ensuring that we can reach millions around the country and help limit the spread of this virus.”

The show from Digital Studio will provide Egyptian audiences with credible information, based on the latest data from the Ministry of Health on the Covid-19 situation in Egypt. The show will feature five live segments: ‘Corona Breaking News’ which will offer the most recent statistics and data on Coronavirus, both locally and globally; ‘Men Fadlek’ a segment focused on providing simple information on how to protect against the virus; ‘Men Aal’ an interactive segment where audiences can submit information to be verified by medical professionals; ‘Corona Wa Laken’ a short segment on the positive stories happening around the world despite the challenges of COVID-19 and ‘#StayHome’ a 20-minute segment during which viewers will ask live questions to medical professionals, government officials, and public figures on the show.

Mohamed Omar, News Partnerships Manager, Middle East and North Africa at Facebook, said: “The availability of accurate information from credible sources is a critical factor in managing a global health crisis of the nature of COVID-19. At Facebook, we want to ensure that users have access to factual information and allow them to share timely, relevant and accurate information to help prevent the spread of the virus. It is inspiring to see how Digital Studio and the Ministry of Health are collaborating to leverage technology to improve the flow of information and the safety of the people of Egypt.”

Corona Free” (#من_غير_كورونا) brings together power of technology and health industry experts to offer Egyptians with a credible source of information. The show will also highlight World Health Organization data with access to verified information and updates, and provide clarity on rumors and unverified treatments.

Over the past year, ‘Facebook Live’ has become an increasingly popular way for Egyptian audiences to capture and share important moments in their lives, in real time. ‘Live’ has been an impactful and meaningful way for digital natives to connect with their audiences – Since the launch of Live video on Facebook, people have made over 8.5 billion broadcasts.

During the live episodes, a CrowdTangle Live Display, will highlight real-time streams of COVID-19-related posts from public Pages and accounts. Earlier this week, Facebook launched theCrowdTangle Live Display Hub which consists of over 100 COVID-19 Live Displays; each Live Display features post streams sorted by relevant keywords and public accounts to each region. This includes content from local media organizations, regional World Health Organization Pages, government agencies, local politicians, in more than 50 countries, including Egypt.