Brands kick off their ‘Back to School’ marketing campaigns

It’s an annual event that allows brands from Amazon Alexa to Levi’s to promote their latest products

Brands are kicking off their ‘Back to School’ marketing campaigns in full force.

Amazon Alexa has come up with a ‘top three ways Amazon Alexa can ease families back into the school routine’ campaign such as coordinating daily activities, creating shopping lists and setting reminders.

“Using a simple voice command like, ‘Alexa, wake me up for school’, parents can ensure punctuality, as well as set reminders for homework, playtime and games,” it says.

GMG’s Sun & Sand Sports, has kickstarted its latest season of Back-to-School by inviting children to truly feel free to play every sport they can think of.

The ‘Play it S’COOL’ campaign aims to help kids tackle their FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) by relishing the freedom to experience an abundance of adventures, both on and off the field.

With tech usage having grown post-pandemic, children are undoubtedly intertwined in this digital world but have parallelly begun indulging in more indoor activities and outdoor exercise as much as possible.

“Our Back to School campaign promises to connect with kids by encouraging them to wholeheartedly immerse themselves in a diverse array of active pursuits.

They may or may not end up choosing one, but the excitement of the multi-play fun experience will hopefully become part of their joyful childhood and give them more to talk about.” says Mohamed Bodiat, Senior Vice President Brands – Sports at GMG.

The sports retailer has opted to craft bite-sized content to entertain Gen Z-Alpha and the millennial parent consumer alike.

These include a series of short films and key visuals rolled out across social media and other touchpoints that highlight Sun & Sand Sports’ latest product ranges from colorful apparel to backpacks.

By leveraging a full mix of channels including digital media, radio, in-store customisation by adidas (in select UAE stores) and influencer partnerships, the campaign communicates the brand’s mission to bring the fun back into sport across the region.

Image credit: Levi’s

Levi’s has launched a new range for the ‘Back to School’ season which focuses on the major themes ‘casualisation, nostalgia, autumn colours, escapism, and a confident blend of styles’.