Digital Media Hub Blinx launches to help youth with digital storytelling

The platform offers fresh perspectives and connects Gen Z and Millennials across multiple screens, platforms and smart devices.

Blinx, the new digital media hub has launched to help Middle Eastern youth with digital storytelling and news stories.

The platform offers fresh perspectives and connects Gen Z and Millennials across multiple screens, platforms, and smart devices.

The launch aims to reshape the region’s digital storytelling with a vibrant and youthful approach, encapsulating the motto: ‘More Story. Less Noise.’

Since its brand-name announcement in March, blinx has emerged as a vibrant hub in the space of storytelling.

Its mission is to deliver authentic and genuine narratives. The hub is committed to producing diverse, inclusive, and culturally relevant content that resonates with audiences on a deeper level.

Nakhle Elhage, General Manager at Blinx, said: “We’ve made remarkable strides since our brand name announcement. The launch of blinx is not just about compelling content creation.

“It’s a digital media powerhouse that promotes storytelling excellence in a myriad of genres like entertainment, infotainment, news, trending, investigatives, business, lifestyle, sports, self-development and climate change.

“Our Smart TV App also offers exclusive long-form content such as investigatives, talk shows, and live broadcasts.”

One of the blinx core commitments lies in nurturing and empowering emerging talent. Embracing a diverse team, blinx currently employs nearly 150 young professionals from across the MENA region.

Blinx has already doubled in size, unveiling a range of cutting-edge technology.  Among these innovations are state-of-the-art metaverse and reality studios, production facilities with VR capabilities, AI-enhanced tools, and advanced data analytics.

Fadi Radi, Chief Creative Officer at Blinx, said:”Technology is designed to transport audiences beyond traditional storytelling, pushing the limits of innovation, news, information, data, and others.

“Our featured stories cater to tech-savvy youth, offering a blend of entertainment and insightful inspiration. End-users can effortlessly swipe through stories, engaging with both content creators and peers.”

Blinx pledges to keep its storytelling free from fake news, misinformation, and disinformation. The hub passionately champions causes close to the hearts of Gen Z and Millennials, empowering the creator economy, fostering entrepreneurship and private initiative throughout the region.