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Black+Decker breaks stereotypes in Ramadan spot

Black+Decker has launched a new campaign for Ramadan, highlighting the importance of family members coming together in the kitchen to create “unforgettable moments” during the season.

The campaign is a nod to the idea that the home environment can be a strong foundation to teach young children about the importance of supporting family members with home chores and play an active role in the household.

Recently, the brand also launched an umbrella campaign called ‘Easy Life, Balanced Home’ that pushes for greater dialogue on breaking gender stereotypes in homes and encourages social change around distribution of household chores.

The new Ramadan campaign is the latest addition to reinforce the movement towards gender equality and redefining responsibilities in the home space.

Commenting on the campaign, Rahul Chandra, Head of Marketing at Black+Decker said: “The campaign subtlety captures the love and warmth that is often associated with recipes that are deeply rooted in our history and culture.

“Comfort food has the power to incite strong emotional responses in people and by showcasing the younger generation taking over the kitchen, Black+Decker’s campaign demonstrates a collective appreciation for the numerous culinary journeys that mothers and grandmothers across the world have taken their families on.”