Beyond print, by Xerox Emirates’ Simon Howells

Xerox Emirates boasts a specialist catalogue of services to drive the convergence of paper and digital workplaces, explains Simon Howells, general manager, Xerox Emirates.


The Covid-19 pandemic has fast-tracked digital transformation within the UAE, underpinned by the implementation of automated workflows and digital strategies for a remote workplace. The transition from paper-based processes to a more productive, secure digital workflow is helping organisations lower costs, increase revenue and support business continuity.

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With the hybrid work model here to stay, it is imperative that companies start mapping their digital transformation journey in an increasingly competitive world. As we embrace the ‘new normal’, Xerox Emirates is helping organisations implement their digital transformation strategies by providing solutions that can digitise data, automate workflows and create highly efficient processes for a productive workplace. Robotic process automation (RPA) is being used to streamline repetitive tasks, freeing skilled workers to focus on higher-value actions.

Xerox Emirates has upgraded the document environment for multiple companies with the latest Xerox ConnectKey Technology cloud connector apps creating efficient workflows, digitisation of documents, cost reduction and elimination of waste within a secure environment ratified by McAfee and Cisco.

During the pandemic, Xerox Emirates worked closely with a leading automotive company as a strategic partner to design a comprehensive roadmap identifying areas of cost-saving while driving efficiencies. The Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS) solution delivered security, analytics, cloud technology and software. This enabled employees to work seamlessly across paper and digital platforms, producing immediate cost savings.

Xerox Emirates has continued to support several government and semi-government entities with consultation and business process automation driving a paperless office roadmap. Archiving and imaging services provide outsourcing and facility management services to scan and digitise existing physical documents for both backlog and future requirements. These have been delivered with agility, both on and off-site.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) provides specialised solutions for content services platforms, Business Process Management (BPM), Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics.

Xerox Emirates continues to expand its portfolio of solutions and services with third-party partnerships that offer greater flexibility and accessibility while boosting security. This is a build-on to the current service stack, in which teams already partner with the likes of Iron Mountain and OpenText.

The partnership with SigniFlow offers market-leading virtual signature technology, ensuring total compliance with global and UAE local digital signature laws. SigniFlow is one of only a few digital signature services available within the UAE that meet the TRA’s regulations.

Xerox Emirates’ most recent partnership is with VST Enterprises to offer V-Health Passport, a secure global mobile solution built on VST Enterprises revolutionary patented VCode and VPlatform technology. It has a one-step registration process via the V-Health Passport portal or app (available on both Android and iOS) and uses an ID system to provide a chain of evidence displaying a range of health information about the user, such as vaccination status, recent tests and other items such as boarding pass, travel and event tickets.

Globally, Xerox has acquired CareAR, an augmented reality platform that enables remote service agents and experts to see a situation and visually guide onsite support to a solution using a suite of augmented reality tools via desktop, mobile and smart glasses as if they were there in person. This software platform integrates directly with ServiceNow, and has a plethora of benefits for many industries, not least oil and gas.

With Xerox’s heritage in innovation, it has now built an enviable suite of solutions for customers that address key requirements for collaboration, communication, security, automation and more.

Xerox Workplace Suite delivers authentication, print management, cost control, content security and mobility workflows. Designed for installation on a server for a private, secure on-site deployment, the modular approach allows organisations to license the features that fit specific business needs, regardless of the number of devices.

The Xerox Team Availability App is an intuitive subscription-based platform that enables employees to communicate their availability every day and provides senior leaders with a daily overview of their teams’ working hours and locations. This drives better-informed resourcing decisions and optimised planning.

The VirtualPrint Management Service allows companies to rapidly replace legacy, on-premises print servers with Xerox’s secure cloud infrastructure.

Digital Hub and Cloud Printing Services (DHCPS) is a one-stop shop for all transactional, promotional needs both in-house or for the growing remote workforce.

Xerox Workplace App is a mobile app that acts as a remote control to multifunction printers (MFPs). Workers can scan, copy or print from their smartphone while avoiding the need to touch the user interface of shared MFPs. When used in conjunction with Xerox Workplace Cloud print management solution, the same app can also act as a secure print release terminal for all jobs sent from the PC or submitted by email.

Xerox will always be at the forefront of digital transformation, due to the breadth of support that can be delivered to clients across all verticals. Xerox Emirates is entrusted with planning and delivering a roadmap for many organisations, that takes them from their current state to the targeted paperless world with security, efficiency and cost savings as the pillars of success.