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Barbican mimics the sounds of roaring engines in radio spot


Non-alcoholic beverage brand Barbican, part of Coca-Cola, has ventured into the energy beverages space with its latest launch Barbican Turbo.

Havas Middle East was tasked with launching the new brand in Saudi Arabia.

The agency decided to take a different approach to stand out from its competitors in the energy drinks sector.

”We didn’t want to be just another brand launching in this space, the challenge was how to stand out and establish Barbican Turbo in such a crowded category,” said a spokesperson from the agency.

The agency came up with a radio campaign for the launch. The campaign was inspired from the new beverage’s name Turbo.

“Drawing inspiration from the name “Turbo” and capitalising on the vibrant car culture in KSA where speed is part and parcel of our audience’s lives whether on the dunes or the racetracks,” added the spokesperson.

The radio campaign promoted the four different beverage flavours: Fiery Ginger, Kiwi Lime Kick, Classic and Berry Burst.

They created the audio for the ads with the help of voice actor Marc Silk, who is also the voice behind Aks Moe from the movie Star Wars and several cartoon characters, to pronounce the flavours in a way that mimics the sound of a roaring engine.

Each flavour had a different sound, from the “raspy deep tones” of a muscle car to the “screams” of a 1,000 CC motorbike.

To accentuate the effect, the team also employed in surround-sound technology and added a panning effect that simulated what you would normally hear when a super car zips by.

“The revving VO delivery not only helped the brand stand out in a sea of noise, but was also linked to the energy-boosting quality of our product,” said Havas Middle East.


Clients: Barbican Marketing Team
Media agency: Havas Media Middle East
Creative agency: Mullen Lowe MENA