Tahaab Rais: A crazy little thing called awards

The Chief Strategy Officer at Publicis Groupe, MENAT gets his creative juices flowing with a poem


In a world that spins on accolades and praise, A dance of recognition in life’s grand maze.

Awards, whispers of validation, echo loud, Validating efforts beneath a hopeful shroud.

They’re more than mere metal or glittering gold, A tale of triumph, a narrative told.

In the symphony of dreams, they compose a note, A testament to resilience, the struggles afloat.

They’re more than metal, more than acclaim, They carve our stories in the hall of fame.

They validate the hours shed in the night, And illuminate the path to our industry’s light.

Awards matter, not for vanity’s sweet embrace, But as beacons of inspiration in the vast space.

They ignite the spirit, a flame that won’t cease, Fueling passion, giving purpose a lease.

And let us not forget the unsung tales, Hidden gems in the shadows, where humility prevails.

For the truest victories, often unseen, Lie in the journey, the places in between.

Yet, in the spotlight’s glow, humility finds its space, For awards are but markers, not the sole race.

So, let awards be chapters, not the entire story, A celebration of glory, yes, but also of inventory.

In the tapestry of life, they weave their strand, A reminder that significance is in every brief and in every hand.