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What Automotive brands need to know about Saudi women driving.

Mathieu Yarak, Digital Research Director, Choueiri Group.

DMS’ study aims to empower automotive brands with a clear understanding of their target’s mindset and intentions.

59% of Saudi females, “driven by millennials”, intend to drive in the future. The highest concentration is, “single millennials” (78%), and the key barrier preventing 40% of Saudi females from getting behind the wheel is tradition (30%).

Tradition and social pressure remain the key barriers for most Saudi females (all ages) who do not intend to drive.

From the females who hoped to drive in the future, only 68% intend on buying a car. This segment is driven by single millennials who wish to own a dedicated vehicle (73%), preferably a sports car (37%), which reflects on their affinity with life and independence. Married millennials opted for an SUV as the family car (25%), while the older generation prefer a small-engined vehicle (31%).

Saudi females tend to shortlist two car brands (vs. three for males). 30% have previous experience with auto brands, which will influence their next purchase, automakers therefore can reach an unbiased 70%. As the level of influence also differs, females engaged with tier-one brands, are more likely to purchase a tier-one auto brand, as opposed to any other.

Highly active automotive brands can remain top-of-mind to become serious contenders. Advertising can inspire females to embrace “greater independence”.


Brendan Walsh, Creative Solutions Director, DMS

As we transition to a market of female drivers in Saudi Arabia, it is crucial for automotive brands to establish a
relationship with young Saudi women. Of the sample we surveyed, the majority of the driving intenders are single millennials, planning to buy a car at some stage in the future.
With almost 70% of these purchase intenders (compared with just 30% in Europe) admitting that previous experiences will have little or no impact on the car brands they consider, how can car manufacturers build a connection with this audience from ground zero?

The key is in understanding what motivates these millennials to get behind the wheel. A reccurring theme with these single females is independence. Being able to commute to work, meet friends, shop or discover local neighbourhoods. So how can car brands be a part of the journey of independence?

Provide these women with the support they need. Be a source of knowledge by identifying where their needs meet your brand story, from design or innovation to safety. Be an inspiration.

This is an exciting time for millennial females in Saudi, so be a part of the vision for the future and build a positive emotional relationship with a generation. Producing quality, relevant content is the most effective and scalable way to nurture this connection.