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Anghami Studios celebrates growth in branded content and music production

Anghami Studios achieved a remarkable 200 per cent Year-on-Year growth

Anghami Inc., the leading music and entertainment audio platform in the MENA region, continues to reshape the world of audio experiences through Anghami Studios, an in-house production arm that integrates the power of sound with brand strategies.

This dynamic division has played a vital role in developing a remarkable approach that brought over 50 brand stories to life in 2023 and solidified Anghami’s position as the go-to destination for music and entertainment solutions.

Since its launch, Anghami Studios’ mission has been to curate original music, podcast production, and sessions featuring exceptional talents.

It has experienced remarkable growth in recent years and now contributes significantly to the commercial department’s revenue, achieving a 200 per cent YoY increase.

This achievement can be attributed to Anghami’s strong relationships with talents and production expertise, enabling the creation of top-tier content while maintaining cost efficiency.

The journey began during the COVID-19 pandemic when Anghami observed a rising demand for branded content. The team promptly opened its production capabilities to brands, bringing Anghami Studios to life.

The first project, a song for PepsiCo, conveyed a powerful message during Ramadan at a time when people were still social-distancing and quarantining, creating a lasting impact through the power of music.

Anghami Studios offers a diverse range of products, including songs, podcasts, sonic branding, and live gigs, highlighting their versatility and setting them apart in a highly competitive media landscape characterised by pricing constraints.

Leveraging the vast data available on Anghami’s platform, the production unit succeeded in creating unique and compelling content, positioning Anghami as an industry leader.

Proudly collaborating with top global brands like PepsiCo, PUBG Mobile, L’Oréal, and Unilever, they maintain 40 per cent of returning customers who consistently align with their brand’s DNA and hero content through ongoing communication.

Branded content allows brands to build campaigns around a hero piece of content while passing on the brand’s DNA to the public.

A standout example of this in 2023 is Net-A-Porter’s podcast “Game Changers,” currently in its second season. This podcast showcases interviews with accomplished women in the region and skillfully incorporates the brand into the content, all within Net-A-Porter’s ownership.

Ramy Al-Kadhi, Head of Commercial at Anghami, emphasizes the critical role of innovation in driving revenue growth: “Innovation is key to the growth of our commercial revenues.

“While media remains a pillar, leveraging our production expertise has allowed us to establish an entirely new revenue stream, one that resonates with our brand’s identity.

“This significant growth is a testament to our reputation and the wonderful relationships we’ve built with multiple clients.”

“Our success is rooted in our commitment to quality and creativity at Anghami,” added Kamil Abi Khalil, Head of Production at Anghami.

“We’re dedicated to empowering brands with a compelling voice, enabling them to connect with their audiences through captivating content that lingers in memory.

“We believe in inspiring brands and shaping enduring audio identities that resonate with consumers. Surpassing 25 brands and 55 songs, our journey fills us with immense pride for how far we’ve come.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of music and production, Anghami Studios is transforming the scene with its unique and powerful medium for storytelling.

The continuous growth and commitment to innovation set by Anghami is set to redefine the industry, inspiring audiences worldwide.

To experience the impactful content and creative expertise, check out this page: https://anghamistudios.com/