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The battle for social dominance in 2023

Netizency shares the highlights of social media in 2023 —from Instagram’s feature-packed journey to LinkedIn’s audio events.

In 2023, the social media scene has been a whirlwind of change and competition. Platforms are battling for supremacy with series, AI sidekicks, and a clash of old and new features.

Netizency unveils the highlights—from Instagram’s feature-packed journey to LinkedIn’s audio events. The landscape is evolving, and the question remains: where will your allegiance fall?

TikTok vs Netflix

Series is now a part of TikTok, expanding beyond traditional streaming platforms. This new feature enables content creators to assemble collections of their videos behind paywalls, each lasting up to 20 minutes, all available for purchase by their dedicated fans.

So, where’s your subscription money headed now? TikTok or Netflix?

Social vs AI

TikTok is now your personal creative sidekick with its fancy Creative Assistant. Meanwhile, LinkedIn
is auditioning an AI Coach to help you with job applications, while Twitter just unleashed Grok AI, its mischievous ChatGPT competitor with quite the sense of humour. AI is the new black in the world of social media.

Old vs new 

As we wrap up this year’s chapter, platforms have bid adieu to some of their features, including YouTube’s Instagram-like Stories, Snapchat’s business-focused AR unit ARES, Twitter’s Close Friends-style feature Circles and many more. It’s a bit of an old versus new showdown in the world of social updates.

Instagram vs everyone

Instagram has been on a streak with the feature-upgrade game — short-lived Notes statuses, Quiet Mode
to help you take a break, DM Appointments, and a bunch more. With these cool additions, consider your Insta-experience as the deluxe version among platforms.

LinkedIn vs podcasts

In a year-end update, LinkedIn has rolled out a game-changer: Audio Events, a feature reminiscent of Clubhouse. Now, users can seamlessly host live, audio-only conversations with their professional community globally, all within the familiar LinkedIn interface.

Will this alter your perspective on podcasts?

Instagram vs Twitter

Instagram did a cannonball into the social media pool, making waves with Twitter’s copycat, Threads. Now, users can flex their creativity by sharing text, images and videos, while throwing replies, reposts, and likes into the mix. 

Because, well, social media specialists definitely needed more platforms to juggle and confuse us between Threads and Twitter. 

YouTube vs TikTok

TikTok’s CapCut threw some creative sparks over to YouTube, prompting the launch of YouTube Create. This standalone app is a video production game-changer, boasting editing tools and an expansive library of filters, effects, and audio.

Brace yourself, YouTube content creators – innovation just hit the edit button.

Facebook vs Facebook?

Say hello to the era of multitudes on Facebook, where one mask is simply not enough. Now, you can rock various personas with multiple personal profiles. Each comes with its own unique feed, making it easier to keep your professional and personal lives distinctly separate.

Because who says you can’t have it all—virtually?

WhatsApp vs WeChat

WhatsApp went on a wild ride this year, unleashing a slew of updates like community features, channels and ramped-up security measures. From images that can only be seen once (no screenshots allowed!) to one-time-heard voice notes, video voice notes, and a bunch more—WhatsApp’s got the chat game on lockdown!

So, spill the beans—what’s your go-to chatting platform?

X vs Twitter

X is undeniably the new Twitter.

Elon Musk has turned the updating game into a rollercoaster, making it challenging for us to keep pace. From subscription bundles to names and price tags—whether you’re a regular user or an organisation, it’s an Elon Musk kind of update!

Images: Supplied by Netizency