Anghami Case study: From Audio to Showroom

Anghami worked with Choueiri Group to give an automotive brand’s models different soundtracks and drive consideration and showroom footfall

The end goal was to build a higher affinity with a medium- to high-end automotive brand, while redirecting people to the showroom for test drives and car purchases. We did this by offering users a soothing driving experience through music, while also using the different target audiences on the platform to promote different car models at specific times throughout the day.

Driving is more than just an activity, it also has a lot to do with the way people feel. In fact, 70 per cent of Anghami users who drive care about how they feel when they are driving. With this in mind, we wanted to create a strategy that touched on their natural preferences on Anghami – listening to music.

We had multiple touchpoints on Anghami. We created a Brand Page, which acted as a hub for the brand sounds. Within these we placed playlists specifically curated for people driving. For example, Smooth Driving by the client’s. We complemented this content association approach with a strong media strategy on Anghami, using audio ads to really bring to life the sound of the car. Looking at our data and audience psychographics, we created audience segments that fitted each car model. Audio ads were also tailored accordingly to provide the automotive brand with a consistent tone of voice.THE SOCIAL FACTOR
The campaign capitalised on Anghami’s reach, content, data and tech. With Anghami’s scale across the region, the automotive brand was able to offer users a scalable sound experience. Using our depth of data, better targeting on audio ads resonated well with users, resulting in a 29 per cent increase in awareness, 125 per cent in ad recall and 16 per cent in consideration. Using our tech infrastructure and the resources from the data team of our sales partners Choueiri Group, along with two different third-party vendors, we used our location data to map out our first footfall-tracking model to help validate the campaign’s direct results. We were able to drive about 200 Anghami users to the automotive brand’s showrooms in Saudi Arabia for less than $250 a visit, thus driving an incremental visit uplift of 15 per cent.

Credits: Anghami’s creative ad studio; DMS