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Amazon Ads’ guide to sponsored ads

Partner content provided by Amazon Ads

Sponsored ads enable customers to discover and buy products when they’re shopping for similar products on Amazon.ae and Amazon.sa.

Help customers find your products by quickly creating ads that appear in related shopping results and product pages.

What are sponsored ads? How do they work?

Sponsored ads target shopping queries or products, and can occupy high-visibility placements on Amazon (for example, on the first shopping results page and on product pages) and off Amazon.

Sponsored Products

Objectives: increase sales, attract traffic to product pages

Sponsored Products ads appear on Amazon and help promote specific products in shopping results and relevant product pages. When a customer clicks an ad, they are redirected to the corresponding product page.

Sponsored Products is available to all professional sellers and vendors.

Sponsored Brands

Objectives: boost brand awareness, increase sales across the entire catalogue

Sponsored Brands ads appear on Amazon and allow you to create ads that include multiple products, along with your brand logo and a custom headline. Shoppers can be directed from your Sponsored Brands ad to a selection of products or to the brand’s Store.

Sponsored Brands is available to vendors and sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry.

Sponsored Display

Objectives: quickly create display ads, reach audiences on and off Amazon

Sponsored Display ads help you can engage audiences who either showed interest in categories related to your promoted product or viewed your product detail page but did not purchase. You can target specific products or categories that are similar or complementary to your promoted product.

Sponsored Display is available to vendors and sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry.


 Objectives: maximise engagement through a tailor-made brand experience, build customer loyalty

Stores is a free self-service solution that aims to promote a brand and its products in an engaging and interactive way. A Store allows you to showcase your best sellers and seasonal collections, publish videos or tell the story of your brand. The user experience can be customised using automatic widgets.

Stores is available to vendors and sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry.

Launching your first campaign with Amazon Ads

How long does it take to create and launch your first advertising campaign? You might be surprised to hear that you can do it in a matter of minutes.

You might be thinking, “That’s great, but I’ve never created an ad campaign before. It’ll probably take me a lot longer.” Here are some things to know:

  • Our ads are designed for everyone, meaning that you do not need to have any advertising experience to build them successfully.

    • They are schedule-friendly – it takes about five minutes to create a Sponsored Products campaign, and these ads launch almost instantly.

    • You will find real-time information within campaign manager, where you will create your ads.

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