Amazon A+ Content to Boost your Brand: The Basics by PiWheel

By Mahima Bhatnagar, Senior Growth Manager at PiWheel

With online shopping growing by the day, shoppers want to have as close to a Brick-and-Mortar shopping experience as possible. To improve the online shopping experience, Amazon has introduced various features in its Vendor Central and Seller Central that helps shoppers understand the intricacy of products. One of these features is A+ content.

Amazon A+ content, formerly known as Enhanced Branded Content, is a feature that helps brands to enhance their product display page with more information in the form of high-quality content, images, and videos.

With that, brands can include more unique selling propositions, cross-sell within their catalog, and include more images to captivate the shopper and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Check out the below infographic to understand the basics of A+.